In my opinion,Mr. Man Mohan Singh has come out as the most corrupt Prime Minister of India. He has been dishonest not only in his deeds,permitting his colleagues to do their best,he had been extremely dishonest in his thoughts. I can never forget when he said that he could not sleep the whole night when Haneef was arrested in Australia(he was arrested mainly because he was the brother of Shafeel etc,responsible for efforts to blow off Glasgow Air port) and when he said that Muslims have the first right over the resources of India.This he said inspite of his knowing that Pakistan was created to give the first right and mind you he was a re****gee who had run away to safety of India. His boss is instrumental in making the ‘Prevention of Communal Violance Bill’ without consulting public of India(unlike Janlok Pal Bill in the forming of which the public took part)as per which if a minority member of a society commits a crime or incites communal violance he will not be punished under this draconian law,but if a member of majorty community does it he will be charged and punished.