As the news of Congress was reveled which invited Suresh Kalmadi to join the parliament and when media disclosed the news, congress clarified it as a clerical mistake and media was silent why? And did not call for a debate why? Why did the media raise the issue of Raja Bhaiya which was a clerical mistake? why did it make a issue over the age( dint the media get the affidavit before election or was it waiting for a right time to highlight the News as per the direction of its bosses), is there any hidden interest or is it part of the Conspiracy which is happening in India which is funded by Foreign Countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia etc the object of this conspiracy is to destabilize India politically and to form a chaotic condition where in people are not able to elect a single party with majority, which will lead to policy making paralyses like the one which happened the day before yesterday UN resolution against Sri lanka Supported by India, which is not right strategically because in case of war India can expect an attack from south which was to be left with our neighbors’ to be taken care during war because it’s our ally, which has been mistake of the UPA Government by the so called impact of conspiracy of Pakistan, the following facts will reveal the conspiracy hatched and the manner it is controlling the UPA Government. For proof see times of India news paper dated Feb 01 2012 pg-11, TOI paper dated Nov 13, 2011, TOI paper Oct 25 2011 pg-03, TOI Paper Oct 18 2011, pg-11, TOI paper Dec 07 2011 pg-09 and Dec 08 2011 pg-1.

We have strong proof that the ISI is controlling Dawood Ibrahim and using him to run the Government of India in a manner,  Pakistan desires and makes policy that will benefit Pakistan during war, this is the reason Indian Government is entering into conflict with the General VK Singh, and Scientist denied government Job imagine what will happen if they leave this country that’s what ISI wants who is the black sheep in UPA doing this, and controversy with government of scientists etc is happening, and is that the reason law minister is going against election commission or in a sense acting as agent of Pakistan, and Chief Minister Omar Abdula making statement openly that AFSPA will revoked without consulting its ally congress. We are sure that the Intelligence bureau has the Information of it but unable to react because it cannot go against its Master congress and congress against its Underworld boss Dawood Ibrahim and Dawood to his Boss ISI Pakistan it is a chain.

We are sure that the ISI is controlling the media in fact using to as Soldiers against us in its secret war of intelligence where it tends to attack the party, which will not be its puppet when it comes to power and misleading the Indian Public and it doesn’t want the Indian public to unite and that is why it cracked down on team Anna, remarks against scientist, salman disobeying election commission, porn gate of BJP Karnataka, porn gate of Gujarat, Rape in Orica BJP MLA resigns Rape politics, West Bengal rape politics done and media raises the issue, rape in Delhi congress Government is not responsible and media silent why, Lawyer and Media Quarrel in Karnataka Anti ISI Party blamed, During attack on Mumbai  Media was advised by its boss ISI to show the Hotel so their real Soldiers can continue their war for long time, Fire in west Bengal,  Fire in Russell Market, The Gujar andolan of Rajasthan, recent News of Kudankulam PM himself stating it is funded by US NGO’s. And Russia also stating the same Proof see Times of India 08 Dec 2011, pg 01. Now our parties turn.

It is also filing false case against its non Secular party example CM yeaddiurappa Governor controlled by UPA gives permeation, Money given to media Rs 500, media raised the issue during Advani Rath Yathra  and the angry media retaliates, in fact lakhs already given to media by its bosses to put a drama in front of the Indian public. False case against Home minister of Karnataka, Fabricated evidence against Nithayananda swami, News of Mamatha Banarjys relative slapping comes up. Using Governors of state to control other Non Congress States, Using Courts to not Give Bail to Yeaduirappa during Diwali because Advani’s anti corruption rath yathr was on its way, which is now proved as false case,

Now media says courts are the final authority when it comes in its favor of nailing yeadduriappa and slamming Anna hazarae. But when Justice Katju makes a statement against media for its irresponsibility and media slams Katju’s bias against media. Proofs see TOI News Nov 10 2011 and pg 8, Sep 26 2011. Definatly the nuclear cash for votes scandal is Going to Benefit Pakisthan in a manner and its ally USA other ways the UPA Government would have never bribed the BJP MP’s  you know the cases of CBI being misused and courts also misused by UPA. IT is not time to discuss about UPA which is a puppet of Pakistan and US, Prime minister himself gave a statement regarding kudankulam nuclear project that the activist are funded by foreign NGO’s is the best example that everything is possible in India and for your confirmation you can call Amar singh and find out that who gave him the money that he had sent to BJP MP’s it’s a Question of Nation sir, we beg you to save our Country, you are the youth leader and have the power to control the nation, Which lies in your will to act. Do you know that the secret cancer and secreat treatment of Sonia Gandhi was in Swiss bank and the doctors were Swiss bank managers who did the operation. Now she is completely ok as the treatment is over and her fund has transferred to Italy account.

Please start a news channel that runs sting operation and exposes the money of ISI/Pakistan being given to media channel and how media is used as soldiers of Pakistan and awake the people of India.

Sonia Gandhi is Anti Hindu, as she has been the main person behind passing the Communal Violence Bill there was 17 Bills passed within 12 Minutes. when the opposition party members were not present in the parliament unlike Janlok Pal Bill in the forming of which the public took part which was not passed despite public out cry, according to this bill if a member of a minority community during riots murders a member of majority community he will not be punished under this draconian law. but where a member of the majority community does it under self-defence also he will be punished under draconian law.