There was a forest Named India. In which many cow groups were there and had different leaders for each group, but suddenly wolfs from different forest attacked the cows to take control over of the forest but it was not possible only one wolf group took control of one cow group, the wolf group was named Moguls  One smart wolf named Akbar was able to that, but the cows were able to fight back and take control of the whole forest, But suddenly God knows what happened a Alien type animals attacked the forest and took control of the whole forest, and ruled it for 90 Years and the Wolfs were able to rule only for 160 Years, The Alien animals seeing the wisdom of cows and their bravery wanted them to be converted into pigs so to achieve this they started a education system in 1835 it was done by lord Macauley slowly the cows started to become pigs, but not all had become pigs,

            Then there was a sudden turn in the politics of forest the cows formed a group and fought for freedom and wolfs formed a group and fought differently, The Alien animal which was ruling the Indian forest was in world war I with other groups, in the other group which was waging war was a wolf group Known as ottoman Empire of Turkey, The wolfs in India dreamed that the wolf group will win the war and if they win the war to get the Army of wolfs from Turkey and throw away the Alien animal rule and establish a wolf rule in Indian forest for which a wolf leader started writing News Papers and started publishing weekly News papers but the aliens arrested and put him in prison in Ranchi until the World War was over they suspected him to be a terrorist See proof; Biography for Maulana Azad  More at IMDbPro. In those days, he had leanings toward the anarchists and terrorists and had already become an object of suspicion, watched by the Criminal Intelligence Department. During World War I, it is a proof that Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad was dreaming of Turkeys victory on world war I and with turkeys Help Establishing Islamic Rule In India and every thing is fare in love and war its your Mistake Hindus to be Straight Forward. He advocated a programme of non-cooperation with the British, which influenced Mohandas K. Gandhi and for which he was imprisoned. He was elected president of the Indian National Congress in 1940  but the wolfs dream got shattered when the wolfs group lost the war in 1919 and the wolf leader Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad was released. As soon as the wolf was released he started the Kilafath movement and he was the leader of that movement ,The objective of that movement is to reinstate the King of turkey as Kalifa means the protector of the wolfs and wolfs religion on the world.

            Since the world war one was over and there was no hope of taking the forest by force since their leader khalipa had become slave to Alien animals the wolfs called for a secret meeting in which they were finding a way in which they can rule the country back and how was it possible. Because the cows were the majority and the Wolfs were a minority. If the forest gets freedom the wolfs will have to be subject to cows as per the Alien rule and construction only majority will rule and so the cunning wolfs devised a simple strategy that the wolf Moulana Azad and few wolfs will join the Indian National congerss and fight for freedom and in case forest gets freedom they will ask the forest to be a secular forest, were no religion will be supreme, the wolf Moulana joined the Indian National Congress in 1920 and became congress president in 1923. How did he become did anyone think and why that to he was the youngest person to be elected in congress as a president. Azad also advocated for the ending of separate electorates based on religion and called for a single nation committed to secularism. And the other group of wolfs will demand for another country as planned by the cunning wolfs the day came.

            It was world War II Here the cunning wolfs played another trick and what was that, the wolf in congress asked the cows to do non co-operation movement which drained the revenue which was coming to the Alien animals to fight t

world war II but on the other Hand the other group supported the Aliens with money and men so that if forest gets freedom they can get country which they have demanded and partition can be done according to their wish, and during this time they wanted this Alien animals to hate the cows and so the provoked a cow to start a Army and fight a war against the Alien Animals and for this a wolf gave Rs 50 crore to a cow named Subash Chandra Bose with which bose the cow started the first Indian national bank in Singapore and with Japans help declared the war on Aliens this Angered the Alien animals it was part of conspiracy because even if the cow wins then wolfs can claim part as they funded it and if lost it will anger the Alien against the cows and as planned the wolf helped initially to start a Army and then drained their Money so the cow had to loose, and the Alien animals were very angry, and at this point of time a wolf Nizam of Hydrabad gave money to the Alien animals and helped. Here is the proof Wikipedia on net which is as follows.

Mir Osman Ali Khan Siddiqi Bahadur acceded as Nizam of Hyderabad upon the death of his father in 1911. The state of Hyderabad was the largest of the princely states in pre-independence India. With an area of 86,000 square miles (223,000 km²), it was roughly the size of present-day United Kingdom. Its ruler was the highest-ranking prince in India, was one of only five princes entitled to a 21-gun salute, held the unique title of “Nizam”, and was created “His Exalted Highness” and “Faithful Ally of the British Crown” after World War One due to his financial contribution to the British Empire’s war effort. (For example, No. 110 Squadron RAFs original complement ofDH.9As were Osman Ali’s gift. Each aircraft bore an inscription to that effect and the unit became known as the Hyderabad Squadron.

            As planned forest got freedom and wolfs though only 3 crore out of 35 crore population demanded for separate country and got it only one third wolfs left to the newly formed country. Remaining stayed back, Now the work of the Great cunning wolf begin he was criticized for having not done enough to prevent partition he was absent when parliament session was going on to do partition, after freedom he became the first education Minister of India he took strict control of the primary education system of India and introduced a brain washing theory of population explosion and its consciousness and many essays were written and introduced in primary education, What a great wolf to devise such a strategy were no body will question him he was the one who was worried that the Muslim population was less in 1946 when he gave a Interview to a Journalist in Kashmir. Proof Congress president Maulana Abul Kalam Azad gave the following interview to journalist Shorish Kashmiri for a Lahore based Urdu magazine, Chattan, in April 1946. This is his statement: By the time of the decline of the Mughal rule, the Muslims in India were a little over 22.5 million that is about 65% of the present numbers. Since then the numbers kept increasing. If the Muslim politicians had not used the offensive language that embittered communal relations, and the other section acting as agents of British interests had not worked to widen the Hindu-Muslim breach, the number of Muslims in India would have grown higher.

            Mistake by a cow and Moulana Azad took Advantage when Godsay killed the cows leader Gandhi the wolf Azad said if some pages of history are there this will happen and cows and wolfs cannot live to geather peacefilly and removed some pages from History books since he was the first education minister of India now what are the pages around 20 lakhs temples destroyed in north of India Akbar the Great killed 30 Thousand Hindu Rajputs, Tipusultan in south destroyed 8000 temples converted 4 lakhs Hindus into Muslims, and oceans which cannot be explained in short. But started Madrasa for Muslims where anti Hindu Teachings are given as Hindus as kafirs and must be killed and ideal worship a sin and so ideals must be destroyed, they are shown the riots of partition and Quran being burnt women raped to increase the hatred towards Hindus and to do love Jihad to marry Hindu Girls to Increase their population and thereby take this country by vote power.  And to show that the Wolfs were liberal they took a serial named the sword of Tipu Sultan in which they showed him as a brave hero. But fact is he was religious fanatic. Proof: Read colonel paloskars book . Tipu Sultan. And a court case was filed against the TV Serial which was closed by giving crores of Money to the Judges.

            Not only this but brave Hindu resistance and brave history is also removed to show us as slaves of Muslims for 1000 Years but the actual truth is that Muslims that to the Mugles were able to rule India that to only a part of North India for 160 Years and the British ruled India for 90 Years .Fierce and persistent Hindu resistance to the Islamic Jihad prevented the complete Islamization of India. But you the modern Generation is beaing made into cowards or mere Gandus Your Fore fathers went to War to defend the culture and religion but you under the influence of modern education go to Bar and your wife and sisters are target of Islamic Love Jihad follow your sister and wife secretly, You will Know the truth but not all Hindus it is for who’s daughter is in love with a Muslim.  Below are the facts.


4. Mr. P.C.C. Raja.                                                                                                                 …. Petitioners


1.TheSecretary,….Union of India, Information and Broadcasting Department, New Delhi.
5.Mr.P.Upendra,….Hon’ble Minister for Information and Broadcasting Department, NewDelhi.
6.Mr.K.R.Malkani,….Deen Dayal Research Institute, New Delhi – 110 019

Mr. M.D. Pathak for the petitioners.

Mr. R.V. Desai with Mrs. Neeta V. Masurkar and Mr. A.S. Khan for respondent nos. 1 and 2.

Mr. E.P. Bharucha i/b M/s Desai, Berjis & Company for respondent no. 3.

Coram: S.C. Pratap & A.V. Savant, JJ,

Oral Order: (Per S.C. Pratap, J.)

1. This petition under Article 226 of the Constitution is directed against the TV serial “The Sword of Tipu Sultan”.

2. Mr. M.D. Pathak, learned Counsel for the petition has, vehemently and with courage of his conviction, put forth before us the point of view of the petitioners and what, according to Mr. Pathak, large section of the Indian society considers and feels about this serial. He has invited our attention to a passage from the Kerala District Gazetteers, published by the Government of Kerala in 1962 as also passages from the Mysore Gazetteer, compiled for the Government and published in the year 1930. We decline to comment thereon but simpliciter reproduce the same in fairness to the petitioners. The passage from the Kerala District Gazetteers runs thus:

” ….In a proclamation issued to the people in 1788 he outlined his new scheme of social reform as follows: ‘From the period of the conquest until this day, during twenty-four years, you have been a turbulent and refractory people, and in the wars waged during your rainy season, you have caused number of our warriors to taste the draught of martyrdom. Be it so. What is past is past. Hereafter you must proceed in an opposite manner, dwell quietly and pay your dues like good subjects and since it is the practice with you for one woman to associate with ten men, and you leave your mothers and sisters unconstrained in their obscene practices, and are thence all born in adultery, and are more shameless in your connections than the beasts of the fields: I hereby require you to forsake these sinful practices and be like the rest of mankind; and if you are disobedient to these commands, I have made repeated vows to honour the whole of you with Islam and to march all the chief persons to the seat of Government.” Tipu’s proclamation created universal resentment and the whole country rose in rebellion. Fearing forcible conversion about 30,000 Brahmins alone fled to Travancore. The Kottayam and Kadattanand Rajas sought the English East India Company’s protection. Calicut was attacked in November, 1788. Tipu’s officers laid hands on the Karanavappad of Manjeri. The Nairs of Calicut and South Malabar headed by Ravi Varma and other princes of the Padinjare Kovilakam turned in despair on their oppressors. Tipu set 6,000 troops under M. Lally to raise the siege, but Ravi Varma could not be driven out of the field.

Earlier, in 1789, Tipu himself came down to Malabar via the Tamarasseri Ghat to enforce his proclamation at the point of his sword. General orders were issued to his army that ‘every being in the district without distinction should be burned, that they should be traced to their lurking places, and that all means of truth and falsehood, force or fraud should be employed to effect their universal conversion’. The Kadattanad Raja’s fortified palace at Kuttipuram was surrounded and 2,000 Nairs, forced to surrender after a resistance of several days, were circumcised and regaled with beef. Several. Rajas and rich land owners fled to Travancore where the Dharma Raja rendered them all help to rehabilitate themselves in their new surroundings. The poor Nairs, however, retreated into the jungles and were relentlessly pursued by Mysorean troops. From their jungle homes the Nairs could engage themselves in a kind of guerrilla warfare against the enemy forces. Hence Tipu organised a regular and systematic Nair hunt with the help of his soldiers. He then proceeded to Cannanore and after celebrating the marriage of his son with the daughter of the Ali Raja, marched along the coast of Chowghat to overawe the native population by a show of his power. From there he retired to Coimbatore after making arrangements for the administrative reorganisation of the province and leaving a permanent army of occupation to frighten the population into passive submission.”

            This battle was fought on 14th June 1033.
The nephew of Mahmood Gazni, known as Masud Gazni, invaded India with army of more than 100,000 men in may 1031 AD. This time, the army was not a raiding party like that of Mahmood who came with intention of raiding, looting and retreating with the loot to Afghanistan . They were backed by the imperial army Persian empire and came here with the intention of permanent conquest and Islamization of India.
King Anandpal Shahi tried to check this Gazni advance towards heartland of India . He was helped by King of Sialkot , Rai Arjun. But, this alliance was overwhelmed by superiority of numbers of Pathan army. After defeating Anandpal Shahi and Rai Arjun, Masood advanced towards towards Malwa and Gujarat . King Mahipal Tomara tried to check their advance here but was defeated too. 
After victories across North Indian plains, Masood Gazni settled at Bahraich near Lucknow . He stayed here up to mid 1033. Meanwhile, 17 Rajput Kings of north Indiaforged an alliance. This is biggest confederation that have ever existed in India . The head of this confederation was Raja Sukhdev, a Gurjara-Rajput King. It would be interesting to know how the alliance was forged and how was the game of chess played before the final showdown on 14th June. However, I have not come across any books which deals with this part of History in detail.
In June 1033, as per Hindu traditions, Masood Gazni was intimated by Rajput confederation that the land belonged to Rajputs and Hindus and Masood should evacuate these lands. Masood replied that all land belongs to Khuda and hence he would not retreat.
On 13th June, Morning, Rajput army of about 120,000 descended on Gazni camp of Bahraich. Masood’s army was completely besieged and encircled. The battle continued for hours. In the end, each and every man in Masood’s camp was killed. No POW’s were taken, no mercy was shown on the Afghan army. The location of this battle to be precise was near Chittaura Jheel, a lake about 8 KM away from modern Bahraich on Bahraich-Gond Road . The battle ended on 14th June with Victory of Raja Sukhdev and his Rajput alliance.
The invasion was completely crushed and such resounding was this victory that none of the king from Northwest dared to invade India for 160 years..
This is one of the golden pages of Indian History. India is indebted to series of Rajput Kings along the western border of India and in Central India . They were extremely instrumental in keeping Arab invaders at bay for 3 centuries. This was the time when Arabs were at their zenith. The Khilafat extended from Western Sindh to Spain .. However, they could not defeat Rajputs and enter Indian heartlands.
Rajputs were also instrumental in initial defeat of Muslim invaders from Northwest. The Battle of Bahraich was the peak point of Rajput valor. Their resistance waned with time over next 5 centuries. Rana Pratap was perhaps last famous Rajput general to fight invaders.

The tomb of Masood Gazni is still present at Bahraich. People there have elevated him to the status of peer and Gaazi and worship him. And there is no single mention of this glorious victory of Hindus. This, in my opinion, is an insult of Rajput valor. Same is the case with tomb of Afzal Khan at Pratapgarh in Maharashtra who was slain by Shivaji. 
I do not oppose theistic beliefs. However, people worshiping the tombs of people like Masood Gazni and Afzal Khan should be made aware of their heinous deeds.

(source: Battle of Baharaich – 

It is astonishing that we Hindus should have forgotten this memorable battle for 950 years!

It is astonishing that we Hindus should have forgotten this memorable battle for 950 years!

Mahmood of Gazani attacked Sorti Somnath, the famous Shiva temple in Gujrat, for the last time, in 1026. Mahmood Ghori attacked North India in 1192. What happened in the intermediate period of 166 years?  Were the Muslims just too tired of raids? The answer is NO – They did attack, but faced a fierce battle at Baharaich, 60 miles North East of Lucknow. The entire Muslim army was wiped out, on 14 June 1033.  Not one Muslim survived to tell people back in Iran this bitter news. And as a result they did not dare attack India for more than six generations. The details are given in “Meerat-e-Masudi” by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Chisti. He says – Mahmood of Gazni’s sister Maula was married to Salar Sahu, the Sultan of Iran. Their son Masood aged 12 accompanied Mahmood of Gazni on his last attack on Somnath. In 1031 Masood with 50,000 horses accompanied by two generals Meer Hussain Arab and Ameer Vazid Jafar attacked India . He crossed Sind, defeated Rai Arjun of Sahoor and King Anangpal of Multan . He marched on to Delhi . Here he was joined by his uncle Salar Saifuddin, Meer Wakhtiar, Meer Sayyad Ajijuddin and Malik Bahruddin and their armies. They defeated Rai Mahipal after a battle of 5 days. Rajputs fought to the last man. They marched on to Meerut and Ujjain whose Hindu kings made friendship treaties. Later Saket was taken.

– Miyya Rajab and Salar Saifuddin took Baharaich. Ameer Hasan Arab took Mahoona, Malik Fazal took Banares. Sulutanu-s-Salateen and Mir Bakhatiar went south to Kannor and there Mir Bakhtiar was killed during a fight with the Hindus.  

– Masood’s father (King of Iran ) Salar Sahu arrived at Saket with a large army. Kada and Manikpur states were taken. Hindus fought to the last man.

On 14 June 1033 the entire Muslim army was wiped out at Bahraich during a pitch battle with a combined army of 17 Hindu Kings. They were Rai Raib, Rai Saib, Rai Arjun, Rai Bheekhan, Rai Kanak, Rai Kalyan, Rai Makaru, Rai Savaru, Rai aran, Rai Birbal, Rai Jaypal, Rai Shreepal, Rai Harpal, Rai Hakru, Rai Prabhu, Rai Deo Narayan and Rai Narsinha. They had 20 lakh (2 Million) horsemen and 30 lakh (3 million) footmen. Rai Sahar Deo and Rai Hardev also joined (Note – The figures of 2 million horsemen and 3 million footmen seem to be exaggerated). After the defeat of Salar Masood, Muzzafarkhan also died at Ajmer . His successors were driven out by the Hindus. All the temples were rehabitated. Bells rang without hindrance. This state of affairs continued for 200 years


Azad’s Own Views: Maulana Abul Kalam first Education Minister of India.

 “I am a Muslim and profoundly conscious of the fact that I have inherited Islam’s glorious tradition of the last fourteen hundred years. I am not prepared to loose even a small part of that legacy. The history and teachings of Islam, its arts and letters, its culture and civilization are part of my wealth and it is my duty to cherish and guard them. And a true Muslim will abide by Quran here is what Quran says.19:83 Seest thou not that we have set the evel ones on against the unbelievers (Hindus), to incite them with fury,Quran 8:12 Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips off them Quran 3:151 Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they Joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the Fire: And evil is the home of the wrong doers: Ibn Ishaq : 489” Do the bastards think that we are not their equal in fighting? Ibn Ishaq : 369 ‘By Allah, had Muhammad ordered me to murder you, my brother,I would have cut off your head’.(Tabari IX :69)” and killing kafirs meant nothing. Bukhari 4:52:220 Allah’s Apostle said” I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)’ Quran 8:12 I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: (Hindus).

            Because of one Mistake of Hindus Nathuram Godsay he Moulana Abdul kalam Azad removed the pages from History of the atrocity against and the killing of Hindus, and by the other mistake of Hindus Because of destruction of Babri masjid in 1991 some Muslim ministers used the opportunity to Award him with Bharath Rathan in 1992 and said the then PM Narishama rao to issue this Award to win Muslims confidence it was done to put a cover on what he has done and in future nobody can question his work because of his Award. Just like Pranab Mukherjee being made the president so that he cannot be questioned for his Scams.

            But the conspiracy was not that only he asked the Jawaharlal Nehru Government to do mass family control in 1950 master minded by him in which no Muslims participated. He started Madrasa for muslims which tell Hindus are Kafirs and teaches them to hate Hindus and asks them to increase the population so that they can take this country one day or Islam can rule this country. And he brought Madrasa under the Article 30 of Indian construction in which Government cannot enquire what is being taught, The first education Minister of India was criticized for the Madarsa education system he had Introduced. He supported provisions for Muslim citizens to make avail of Muslim personal law in courts.[19]

Why this bastard did did not give the best modern education to Muslims if it was the best?

Azad remained a close confidante, supporter and advisor to Prime Minister Nehru, and played an important role in framing national policies. Azad masterminded the creation of national programmes of school and college construction and spreading the enrollment of children and young adults into schools, in order to promote universal primary education. Elected to the lower house of the Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabha in 1952 and again in 1957 As India’s first Minister of Education, he emphasized on educating the rural poor and girls. As Chairman of the Central Advisory Board of Education, he gave thrust to adult illiteracy, universal primary education, free and compulsory for all children up to the age of 14, girl’s education, and diversification of secondary education and vocational training.[20]Addressing the conference on All India Education on January 16, 1948, Maulana Azad emphasized,[20]This all was done to introduce family planning and and adult education to introduced to teach Family Planning.

The conspiracy did not end here after 1947 it started functioning from outer India and from Inside India.

Conspericy from outside India is the Pakistani ISI Sent a spy to India her details are as follows.

ms. sonia gandhi upon learning enough english became a waitress in varsity restaurant in cambridge town. she first met rajiv when he came to the restaurant in 1965. rajiv was a student in the university, but could not cope with the academic rigor for long. so he had to depart in 1966 for london where he was briefly in imperial college of engineering as a student. sonia too moved to london, and according my information, got a job with an outfit run by salman thassir, a debonair pakistani based in lahore, and who has an export-import company headquartered in dubai but who spends most of his time in london. is an isi functionary.obviously, sonia made enough money in this job to loan rajiv funds in london, who was obviously living beyond his allowances [indira herself expressed anguish to me on this score in late 1965 when she invited me to a private tea at the guest house in brandeis university]. rajiv’s letters to sanjay, who was also in london then, clearly indicate that he was in financial debt to sonia because he requested sanjay who obviously had more access to money, to pay off the debt.

however, rajiv was not the only friend sonia was seeing those days. madhavrao scindia and a german by name stiegler are worth mentioning as other good friends of sonia. madhavrao’s friendship continued even after sonia’s marriage to rajiv. scindia in 1982 was involved in a traffic accident near iit, delhi main gate while driving a car at 2 am. sonia was the only other passenger. both were badly injured. a student of iit who was burning midnight oil was out for a cup of coffee. he picked them up from the car, hailed an auto rickshaw and sent an injured sonia to mrs. indira gandhi’s house since she insisted in not going to a hospital. madhavrao had broken a leg and in too much pain to make any demand. he was taken to hospital by the delhi police who had arrived a little after sonia had left the scene. in later years, madhavrao had become privately critical of sonia, and told some close friends about his apprehensions about sonia. it is a pity that he died in mysterious circumstances in an air crash. foreign agency initiated marriage to rajiv the circumstance under which rajiv hastily married sonia in a church in orbassano is controversial but that was his personal matter that has no public significance. but what is of public significance is that indira gandhi who was initially dead set against the marriage for reasons known to her, relented to hold a registry marriage with hindu ceremonial trappings in new delhi only after the pro-soviet t.n. kaul prevailed upon her to accept the marriage in “the larger interest of cementing indo-soviet friendship”. kaul would not have intervened unless the soviet union had asked him to. such has been the extensive patronage from the beginning extended to sonia gandhi from the soviets. when a prime minister of india’s son dates a girl in london, the kgb which valued indo-soviet relations, obviously would investigate her and find out that she was the daughter of stefano, their old reliable italian contact. thus, sonia with rajiv meant deeper access to the household of the indian prime minister. hence cementing the rajiv-sonia relations was in the soviet national interest and they went to work on it. and they did through their then existing moles in the indira gandhi camp. after her marriage to rajiv, the soviet connection with the mainos was fortified and nurtured by generous financial help through commissions and kickbacks on every indo, soviet trade deal and defense purchases. According to the respected swiss magazine, schweitzer illustrate [november 1991 issue], rajiv gandhi had about $ 2 billion in numbered swiss bank accounts, which sonia inherited upon his assassination. dr. yevgenia albats, phd [harvard], is a noted russian scholar and journalist, and was a member of the kgb commission set up by president yeltsin in august 1991. she was privy to the soviet intelligence files that documented these deals and kgb facilitation of the same. in her book, the state within a state, the kgb in soviet union, she even gives the file numbers of such intelligence files, which can now be accessed by any indian government through a formal request to the kremlin.

                further proof that sonia was a ISI agent got confirmed when she secretly disappeared from the country during anna haszares agitation and said that she had secret cancer and went to take treatment to secret hospital but the secret cancer was in Swiss bank where she had money Indian money she transferred it to italy account and it got cleared, and she met her ISI boss and got further instruction on what has to be done and the instruction was to ban hindu jagurathi org web site as it unites Hindus, and taking control of only Temples by government and not church, Mosque and Gurudwara.

And the following is also part of conspiracy: National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions can be traced to the UPA Government’s manifesto called ‘National Common Minimum Programme’.  In the NCMP, in its Section on “National Harmony, Welfare of Minorities”, it was mentioned that a Commission for minority educational institutions would be established which will provide direct affiliation for minority professional institutions to Central Universities.

            And do you Know why US wants to send its teachers to Madarsa. Find it for yourself.

            This circular from Government is a conspiracy “Muslim rule should not attract any criticism. Mention of destruction of temples by Muslim invaders and rulers should not be mentioned.”

Circular, Boards of Secondary Education.

            Proof of Black money: rahul gandhi exposed by a iit student…nitin gupta…

wikileaks cables: rahul gandhi & girlfriend veronique questioned at boston airport
rahul gandhi & girlfriend veronique questioned on sep 21, 2001 at boston airport for carrying $200,000 cash

wikileaks cables: rahul gandhi & girlfriend veronique questioned at boston airport – rahul gandhi – zimbio
description mr rahul gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested in america for possessing over 2 million $ of unaccounted money and spend a night in us jail. mr natwar singh approached mr brajesh mishra, then national security advisor to nda for help. mr mishra contacted american authorities who sought a personal request from a.b.vajpayee, the then pm. mr vajpaye
rahul gandhi was arrested by fbi at boston airport. he was illegally carrying usd 2 million in cash. …? description mr rahul gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested in america for possessing over 2 million $ of unaccounted money and spend a ni

swiss magazine schweizer illustrierte on 11th nov, 1991 revealed that mr. rahul was the “beneficiary of accounts worth $2 billion dollars controlled by his mother sonia gandhi”. interestingly yevgenia albats, a scholar from harvard cited kgb chief viktor chebrikov, sought in writing an “authorization to make payments in us dollars to the family members of rajiv gandhi, namely sonia gandhi, rahul gandhi and paola maino, mother of sonia gandhi” from the cpsu(communist party of soviet union) in december 1985. this payment was recorded under cpsu/cc/no 11228/3 dated 20/12/1985; and endorsed by the ussr council of ministers in directive no 2633/rs dated 20/12/1985. these payments have been audited “in cpsu/cc resolution no 11187/22 op dated 10/12/1984.”
in the year 1992, the media approached the russian government with the albats disclosure but the russian government defended it on the grounds of “soviet ideological interest.”
in 2005, some lawyers like mr. prem chandra sharma, approached the court of law and requested that information related to detainment of mr. rahul gandhi and veronique at boston airport on 21st september, 2001 where he was questioned by fbi for carrying $200,000 in cash (which he was unable to explain) should be made public.
although all this is too old but it was a bit exciting for me , and I feel youth should know about the past of our (hopefully) upcoming leader. And Brajesh mishra gotPadma Vibhushan for his exemplary services to the scandal and scam-driven Sonia Gandhi Clan.

                IF MF Hussains naked paintings of Hindu Gods  can be displayed since his act is pardonable according to law then why not publish the book of Nathuram Godsay who Killed Mahatma Gandhi because his sins is pardoned after death..

            For more Information on History visit : – Google Search/ Hindu Wisdom – Islamic Onslaught/ indo-american intellectual forum – Google Search/ Struggle for Hindu Existence/

Taj Mahal A Shiv Temple::History/ INDIAN AMERICAN INTELLECTUALS FORUM « Struggle for Hindu Existence/ Hindu Jagruti | Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam/ History Writing And Nationalism::What Hindus Need To Know

            Do you know Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple Siva temple.

                But in India, we find the unbelievable situation, that not only Muslim historians and public figures refuse to face the truth about Muslim history : neutral secular historians are also covering up and denying the crimes which Islam has systematically committed, and even many Hindus are denying the crimes committed against their own society.

Treatment of Hindu Women
Sati – the only way out?

Padmini was the queen of Rana Ratan Singh of Mewar in Rajasthan. She was famous for her exquisite beauty. However, she also has an exalted place in the Rajput chivalry. No woman in the history can match what Padmini did to uphold the honor of Indian womanhood. It is said that one reason for Ala’uddin Khilji’s invasion was his infatuation for Padmini. The history records the chivalrous role of Padmini and a number of other women of Mewar at the time when the famous citadel of Chitter was besieged by Ala’uddin.

The historical records show, “The funeral pyre was lighted within the great subterranean retreat, in chambers impervious to the light of the day, and defenders of Chitter beheld in procession the queens, their own wives and daughters, to the number of several thousands. The queen Padmini closed the throng. Then they were conveyed to the cavern, and the opening was closed upon them, leaving them to the final security from dishonor in the devouring fire.”

Thus Padmini and other women of Chitter preferred heroic death to disgrace and rape. Rajput women are famed for their beauty and their bravery. 

The mention of Rajput women brings to mind images of the valorous and pure Queen Padmini, who fought to maintain her dignity as a woman.

Rape, genocide and gross human rights violations against ethno-cultural groups induce victims to adopt defensive mechanisms. 

Hindu women in India adopted the Sati traditions to protect themselves from Muslim invaders, who perpetrated the largest holocaust in history against Hindus

                Sixty years of feel-good negationism – Our Indian History books lyrically hail dead men like Akbar as Akbar the Great. But history is proof that on February 24, 1568, Akbar (the great) called for a pogrom and brutal massacre of 30,000 defenseless Hindus of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan who had refused to convert to Islam.

(Image source: Editor’s collection of photos taken during a recent visit).

According to Dr.Younis Shaikh (Pakistani author of the study ‘Islam and Women’), eighty million were slaughtered and millions of women were raped. Sexual violence occurred on a gory and unimaginable scale: it was standard practice for Islamic warlords like Ghori and Ghazni to unleash the mass rape and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of women after the slaughter of all males. A large percentage of Muslims in South Asia today are the progeny of forcible conversions and systematic rape campaigns by marauding Muslim invaders.

            (source: Veiled Threats to Democracy – By Ron Banerjee –

The famous iron pillar in Delhi belonging to the fourth-fifth century A.D. is a metallurgical wonder. This huge wrought iron pillar, 24 feet in height 16.4 inches in diameter at the bottom, and 6 1/2 tons in weight has stood exposed to tropical sun and rain for fifteen hundred years, but does not show the least sign of rusting or corrosion. Evidence shows that the pillar was once a Garuda Stambha from a Vishnu temple. This pillar was plundered by Islamic hoards from a temple dedicated to Vishnu and added as a trophy in the Quwwat al-Islam mosque in Delhi.  Made of pure iron, which even today can be produced only in small quantities by electrolysis. Such a pillar would be most difficult to make even today. Thus, the pillar defies explanation.

“One does not need to be communally-minded to infer that desecration of Hindu holy sites was held to be meritorious activity in the entire Muslim world, which is why the writers in question felt the need to glorify such acts, whether they actually took place or not.” 

                Prime Minister Indira Gandhi observed: 

“I think Shivaji ranks among the greatest men of the world. Since we were a slave country, our great men have been somewhat played down in world history. Had the same person been born in a European country, he would have been praised to the skies and known everywhere. It would have been said that he had illumined the world.”

Sir E. Sullivan says in Warriors and Statesmen of India

“Shivaji possessed every quality requisite for success in the disturbed age in which he lived.  Cautious and wily in council, he was fierce and daring in action; he possessed an endurance that made him remarkable even amongst his hardy subjects, and an energy and decision that would in any age have raised him to distinctions.  By his own people he was painted on a white horse going at full gallop, tossing grains of rice into his mouth, to signify that his speed did not allow him to stop to eat.  He was the Hindu prince who forced the heavy Mughal cavalry to fly before the charge of the native horse of India. His strength and activity in action were glory and admiration of his race.”  

          For example, in the Indian media you regularly come across the contention that “the Hindus destroyed Nalanda Buddhist University”. This is a plain lie: under several Hindu dynasties, Nalanda flourished and was the biggest university in the world for centuries; it was destroyed by the Muslim invader Bakhtiar Khilji in 1200.But if you repeat a lie often enough, it gains currency, and not many Indians have come to believe that Buddhism had been replaced by Hinduism as India’s chief religion in a most violent manner.

                The tradition of “but shikani” (idol or statue-breaking) practiced by Arab marauders in their quest to rule the Indian subcontinent, was done on the plea that idol or religious object worshipping was un-Islamic. One thousand years later, this intolerance has resurfaced, justifying the

destruction of all statues of the Buddha (Bamiyan Buddhas) in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

In a ‘Mosque’ situated at the foot of Nathsagar in Jaikwadi, a wall of the Mosque collapsed with the onslaught of massive floods and some remnants of an ancient temple along with ‘Nandi’ head have been found. To suppress this evidence of treasure of Hindu culture, Muslims overnight tried to build the structure. As the waters of the massive Godavari floods receded, the remnants of the razed Mosque came to light. The steps constructed of stones were also seen going towards the river. In the morning some of the young fishermen had gone to this area. At that time they found carved pillars of the temple and idol of Nandi in shattered state in the ruins of the Mosque Remnants of temple found in a Mosque washed out in floods

                If they don’t fear you, they won’t be nice to you

Here is an eye-opening video report about how rabid illiterate Bangladeshis are infiltrating Assam — over six thousand of these people are crawling under the fence every day to arrive in India. With them come moulvis and mosques, and soon people of other faiths are chased out from the area, the Muslims grab all land, and Islamic Caliphate is established. The video is in Hindi.

So what is the reason why Bangladeshis illegal aliens, Pakistani Jihadis, missionaries, maoists, communists, leftist liberals, Nepalis, Sri Lankans, White Racists — all of them walk over the Hindus with contempt, and that too in India, their homeland? The answer is given in Ramcharitmanas in the shape of a universal principle of human behaviour:
Binay Na Maanat Jaldhee Jad, Gaye Teeni Din Beeti
Bole Ram Sakop Tab, Bhay Binu Hoey Na Preeti

Here, Lord Rama has requested the sea to provide him and his army a path across it so that they can reach Lanka. But his polite requests fell on deaf ears. There was no answer from the arrogant sea and Lord Ram was ignored. After a pattient wait of three days, Lord Ram finally became angry and said: “Without fear, there is no respect.” He then pointed his agni-baan (fire arrow) at the sea to dry it. Terrified, the sea got rid of his ego, took the form of a brahmin, ran to Lord Rama and fell on his feet for mercy.Hindus should read this again and again — without fear, good relations with others (people, races or countries) are not possible. When others fear you, they respect you, don’t want to offend you and want to be friends with you. Look at how America grovels in front of China but walks all over India, how Muslims don’t infiltrate into Punjab (they still remember the bloodbath of 1947 when Sikh swords were out), why there are no riots in Gujarat anymore (they remember the lesson taught after Godhra), and why people fall over each other to respect the sentiments of Muslims.If they don’t fear you, they won’t respect you. Listen to Bhagwan Ram and forget what Gandhi taught you about throwing down arms and turning the other cheek.

Secular rape and murder

Some secular people raped and murdered a Hindu woman, leading to a riot in a UP village.

Muslims flee as communal violence scorches UP village

A large number of members of the minority community are uneasy about returning to their homes in Asthan village in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh [ Images ], from where they had to flee 10 days ago following violent communal clashes over the rape of a Dalit girl. Violence had rocked the village, located nearly 150 km from Lucknow [ Images ], after the 13-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly gangraped and murdered by four Muslim boys from the same village.

In the communal flare-up following the incident, houses and shops belonging to the Muslim community were burnt down by an angry mob after local authorities failed to initiate any action against the accused. No effort was made by district authorities to get a post-mortem done on the victim. The disturbance started when the victim’s family and other villagers decided to take the funeral procession through the Muslim locality. Most families, terrorised by the violence, have chosen to leave the village in search of a safer haven. The administration has deployed armed personnel in the village but this has failed to restore their confidence.

“We would have returned by now, but it appears that visits by leaders of different political parties have been responsible for raising the tension once again. We are scared to go back to Asthan,” a villager told Azam Ansari, a resident of Pariyavan village, four km away from Asthan.

Ansari told this scribe over the telephone, “I myself tried persuading some of the Asthan people to return to home, but they are still terrified after what they have gone through”.

The issue has also come up in the state assembly, where Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development Minister Azam Khan has drawn much flak over it. He chose to use offence as the best form of defence by reminding Opposition Bahujan Samaj Party of the incidents of rape and communal clashes that took place during Mayawati’s [ Images ] regime.

He claimed, “Action had already been ordered by the state government and nearly a dozen people have already been taken into custody.”

He added, “It was to send a positive message that we ordered the suspension of both the district magistrate and superintendent of police; the new team is taking effective steps to rebuild the confidence of the people.”

Congress leader Pramod Tiwari demanded a judicial probe into the incident. He also demanded higher compensation for the victims, who were given an ex-gratia payment of Rs 50,000 as their homes were razed during the violence. No mention was made about whether any compensation had been offered to the family of the rape victim.

Notice how the Hindus are treated in India — a Hindu girl was gang raped and murdered by four Muslims, and the police under the “secular” Samajwadi Party refused to get a post mortem done on her body (which could have proved rape) and no action was taken against the Muslim rapist thugs. Now, compensation is announced for the Muslims of the village while the family of the girl gets nothing. Isn’t this apartheid?

This is another incident which shows how Hindus conspire to get themselves persecuted in India by voting for leaders who do not even pretend to represent thier interests, but who actively side with Muslims in every confrontation with the Hindus. By this behaviour of voting for anti-Hindus, the Hindus and their women are getting what they deserve from the Muslims. A race which cannot even see which side its bread is buttered and consistently appoints its enemies as its leaders has forfeited the right of its women to live unmolested.

            Muslim monotheists kill Hindu for marrying Muslim woman

Muslims consider it their natural right to take Hindu women to their bedrooms through Love Jihad so that Hindu wombs are used to produce more Muslims — but they are willing to kill Hindu men who marry Muslim women. Truly a sinister cult. Their motto is: “We have the right to screw your women, but if you do the same, we kill you.”

Look at all these Muslim Bollywood actors — each of them has a Hindu woman in the bedroom. These days, these Muslim actors have acquired the habit of dumping their Hindu wives after some years and take a fresh Hindu woman to their bedroom. And Hindu women, like faithful breeding cows, readily oblige — a curse on their parents for not teaching them about how Muslim men operate and lust after non-Muslim women to breed more Muslims.

Man murdered for marrying Muslim girl

A 24-year old man was hacked to death allegedly by the brother of a Muslim girl and his associates for marrying her, triggering tension in Idalakudi area of the district, police said.

Ramesh, a goods carrier operator based here, had married the girl belonging to Idalakudi some months ago though her family had opposed it, they said.

On June 14, two persons had stopped Ramesh’s vehicle and taken him to Idalakudi where a seven-member gang including the brother of his wife attacked him with iron rods, police said, adding he succumbed to injuries at a hospital yesterday.

As the news of his death spread, a group indulged in stone pelting in some localities in the area while some people blocked traffic to protest the violence, they said. Police rushed to the spot and dispersed both the groups.

            Congress whore Times of India

Here is what “Times of India” reports on March 25.

Did Hindu radicals hire Muslims for Malegaon blast?
NEW DELHI: A fresh twist appears likely in the 2006 Malegaon blast investigations as the NIA (National Investigation Agency), now investigating the case, is beginning to suspect that Hindu fundamentalists might have used Muslim hands to execute the blast.

While a claim to the effect that Hindutva radicals behind the terrorist attack may have used Muslim hirelings was made by Swami Aseemand, inputs gathered by investigators appears to have led the agency to wonder whether what appeared to be an outlandish theory has some basis.

Once the story has been planted through the Congress whore “Times of India,” the puppet-master steps forward three days later on 28th March with exactly the same views:

Digvijaya seeks NIA probe Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith chief’s links with BJP leader

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Wednesday demanded a probe by the Natioal Investigating Agency (NIA) into the activities of Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith’s chief, based in Jabalpur, and his alleged links with a senior BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh.

Talking to newsmen in the state assembly premises, Digvijay Singh released the media a copy of a letter written by him to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in which he alleged that Abdul Razak’ also have close connection with organisations like Student Islamic Federation of India (SIMI).

In his letter, Singh alleged that the state police was reluctant to take action against Abdul Razak as he enjoyed patronage and protection by senior BJP leader Ishwardas Rohani. Rohani, who hails from Jabalpur, is now the speaker of Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha.

Reiterating that Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists worked in tandem to whip up communal sentiments, the AICC general secretary cited few instances from Madhya Pradesh where the people associated with ruling BJP and its allied organisations posted unwarranted and inflammatory material about other religion on social networking site Face Book. Subsequently, leaders belonging to the minority Morcha of the ruling BJP countered them and lodged complaint with the police.
“While it’s not a herculean task to trace and reach out to those who posted such materials on the Face Book, the police simply registered cases under the cyber Act against unknown persons”, he alleged that it has been the tactics of fundamentalist elements to work in tandem for mutual benefit.

So now this is the latest “theory” of Congress crackpots — that while terrorist acts are being committed by Muslims, it is actually the BJP and RSS leaders who are paying these Muslims to carry out the blasts. Is there no depth to which this rogue Hindu Digvijay Singh will not fall in his greed for money and power? Even Jaichand has begun to look patriotic compared to this turd.

                Judges of Straw

Is it only me who feels that Congress party has managed to subvert the Supreme Court too? It is well known that many ex-judges sit in commissions and enquiry committees, and deliver tailor-made reports to further the political interests of the Congress and other “secularists.”

But the sitting judges too? I am quite troubled by many of the recent Supreme Court judgements, such as the one on gay ruling. It is amazing how casually that ruling was delivered without any sensitivity to the prevailing social and cultural norms of India. Now, look at how quickly and without any review petition being filed, the supreme court judges edited their judgement to remove references to forcible converions of poor Hindus to Christianity. Something doesn’t seem right nowadays with India’s higher judiciary.

                Hoist Indian flag in India and get beaten by Congress goons

Look at these pictures

Not for nothing is it said that Congress rule is an extension of the British Raj over Indians.J&K cops ‘offered urine for water’ to Ekta yatris
When separatist leader Yasin Malik and others marched to Lal Chowk with black flags, the police offered them hot tea and cigarettes. But we were arrested for trying to hoist the National Flag… When we asked for water, the police offered us urine.”

Dozen of BJP youth wing workers who have returned to the Capital — with fractured limbs and numerous wounds — narrated the story of brutality unleashed by the Jammu & Kashmir Police in Srinagar on January 26.

These youth leaders had to sneak into Srinagar and hide in small groups to continue with the plan to hoist the National Flag at Lal Chowk, after threats by separatists and prohibitory orders by the State administration.

While Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) chief Anurag Thakur and BJP leaders were arrested upon entering Jammu & Kashmir, a couple of youth wing workers made an attempt on January 26 morning to hoist the flag at Lal Chowk.

KK Upadhyay, an engineer from Gurgaon, was the first who tried. He was beaten up. The next group of workers came as close as 20 metres from Lal Chowk. No sooner did one of them take the flag out of his pocket and wave it, that several policemen pounced on him, snatched away the flag, tore it (the National Flag) into pieces and beat him up, fracturing his left hand in the process.

“J&K Police personnel were carrying posters — ‘Indian dogs, go back’. The arrested BJP activists were forced to take off their clothes in sub-zero temperatures. Third degree torture was meted out. Does Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have any explanation for this kind of an action? He should apologise to the nation,” Anurag Thakur told The Pioneer on Friday.

Bhrigu Bakshipatra, Rajesh Chowdhary, Mohan Reddy, Suresh Bagashia (office-bearers), Shyantanam Basu (executive member), Jitendra Meena, Virendra S Khinchi, Lokinder Singh Rajawat, Vijay Upadhyay, Vinod Rawat, Bhupinder Chowdhary, Ashok Bhati (from Rajasthan), RP Singh, Shikha Rai, Hiren Mishra (from Delhi), Pradeep Singh Vaghela, Harsh Sanghavi, Alpesh Sashikant (from Gujarat) and Jitendra Gupta (from West Bengal) had to be admitted to a local hospital after they received serious injuries in a police lathicharge.

The State Police, Thakur said, not only tortured party workers but also used obscenities against the BJP national leaders. Maintaining that his yatra was a success – as party workers managed to hoist the flag so close to Lal Chowk despite police cordoning off the area – Thakur said his next plan was to reach out to the people, students in particular, and expose the UPA’s pro-separatist polices.

“We have been successful in our endeavor to excite and rejuvenate India’s youth into proactively taking the cause of national integration and sovereignty,” he said.

JANUARY 23, 2011

Hindus and Sikhs Face Extinction in Pakistan

Hindus and Sikhs Face Extinction in Pakistan, says Indian American Intellectuals Forum

NEY YORK (TIP): “We are appalled and horrified to know that over one hundred Hindu familieS(about 500 people) in Pakistan’s Balochistan province are making frantic efforts to seek political asylum in India after becoming the target of a campaign of vilification, demonization, kidnapping and extortion by Jihadists supported by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

Over the last 5 years, more than 5,000 Hindus have already moved from Pakistan’s Sind province to Rajasthan, India. Their tattered clothes, emotionless faces and vacuous eyes tell their dismal tale. Most of these Hindus refugees look like zombies”, said Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum who was accompanied by the General Secretary Arish Sahani.

Narain Kataria said that though no figures are made available, anecdotal evidence and human rights groups say that persecution and conversion of Hindus and Sikhs have risen in the last two years, with temples and gurudwaras being desecrated and worshippers being attacked.

According to Basant Lal Gulshan, Balochistan’s Minorities Affair Minister “forty-one Hindus were abducted during the past three years and four more were killed when they resisted kidnapping attempts. In the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Talibans have warned Hindu men to grow beard and Hindu women to wear burqa in order to avoid being beaten or fined by Lashkar extremists.

Last year, Islamic militants directed Sikh community in the NWFP either to convert to Islam, leave the land of their forefathers or pay 12 million rupees ($140,000) jizya – the medieval tax levied on non-Muslims in Islamic state.

‘DNA” reported in its issue of May 28, 2010 that over 50 Pakistani Hindus have converted to Islam in the Sialkot district of Punjab within a week (between May 14 and May 19) under pressure from their Muslim employers in a bid to retain their jobs and survive in the Muslim-dominated society.

Hindu women are raped. Men are harassed, beaten up or slain, and children are abducted. Harassment and torture of minorities – Hindus and Christians – in Pakistan is going on unabated. In the latest matter, a Hindu girl near Karachi, Pakistan, was abducted, forcefully converted to Islam and kept in a Muslim mosque in Pakistan. It is the Taliban effect.

At the time of Partition of India in 1947, there were somewhere between 20 to 24% Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. They were forced to convert to Islam or leave the country. In the last 63 years Hindus and Sikhs have been ethnically cleansed from Pakistan. It is not only Hindus and Sikhs who suffer indignity and humiliation; Christians are also treated like criminals, and charges of blasphemy are leveled against them on the flimsiest of excuses.

In March, 2010, Dr. Manjit Singh Randhawa, President of Sikh Nation Organization, had appealed to the United Nations against forced conversion and racial discrimination of minorities (Hindus and Sikhs) to prevail upon Pakistan to repeal the ‘Nizam-e-Adl 2009 Regulation’ that has “legitimized and legalized tyranny” by ‘Taliban’, in complete disregard to its international commitments under various UN Conventions, to safeguard Human Rights of its citizens within international borders of Pakistan.

Jihadists in collaboration with Pakistan military have radicalized Pakistani society in the most dangerous manner. In a show of strength, on January 9, 2011, over 40,000 Islamists gathered in the streets in Karachi, the capital of Sind province in Pakistan, under the banner of Tahaffauz-e-Namoos-e-Risalat which is a conglomerate of religious parties opposed to amendments of the country’s blasphemy laws. They showed support in favor of Mumtaz Quadri, the assassin of Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, and showered him with rose petals. Speakers at the meeting openly threatened to kill anyone supporting blasphemy law while 3,000 police officers watched them helplessly. Mumtaz Quadri was promised legal help by 200 lawyers.

For more information on this you may contact Gopinath Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of
Pakistan Hindu Post at

Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan are facing an uncertain future. Their plight is miserable. They live in fear of abduction for ransom, armed robberies and murder. Under the circumstances, we appeal to the governments of India, the USA, the United Nations, and all global human rights groups to stop egregious human rights violations and rescue these hapless Hindus, Sikhs and Christians from the jaws of death as soon as possible.

Indian American Intellectuals Forum has sent copies of the appeal to several dignitaries, including Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, Ban Kimoon, Secretary General of the United Nations, Meera Shankar, India’s Ambassador to U.S., Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India in New York, and Faqir Syed Asif Hussain, Consul General of Pakistan in New York.

                Israel has more sense than Congress

Even foriegn countries are horrified and angry at the antics of Digvijay Singh, the modern-day Jaichand.

Israel protests comparison of RSS with Nazis
Israel has taken grave exception to Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s comparison of RSS with the Nazis.

Responding to questions, an Israel embassy spokesperson said, “Without entering the political debate, no comparison can be made with the Nazi Holocaust in which six million Jews were massacred solely because they were Jewish.”

Singh courted controversy on Sunday by training guns on the RSS yet again. Addressing the Congress plenary, Singh said RSS was targeting Muslims and brainwashing young minds to hate Muslims.

“The RSS, in the garb of its nationalist ideology, is targetting Muslims the same way Nazis targeted Jews in the 1930s,” Singh said.

He said the hatred of Muslims, which he alleged was the RSS agenda, was the greatest threat to India. He was echoing Rahul Gandhi’s comments to the US ambassador which was made available by Wikileaks, and which prompted the BJP to take potshots at the Congress scion.

In his remarks, Singh said, “Why is it that all Hindus found involved in terror activities are members of RSS.”

Israel is very sensitive to acts of persecution in other parts of the world being compared to the Holocaust, which it believes occupies a special place of global horror because of the scale and deliberateness of the massacre of Jews by Hitler and the Nazis. Nothing else, it believes, is comparable.

            WikliLeaks: Rahul believes Hindu extremists bigger threat than LeT
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi believes Hindu extremists pose a greater threat to India than Muslim militants, fresh WikiLeaks cables released have revealed as reported in ‘The Guardian’.

 Gandhi said this to US ambassador to India Tim Roemer in a luncheon meeting recently.He warned Timothy Roemer that although “there was evidence of some support for [Islamic terrorist group Laskar-e-Taiba] among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”.The cable goes on to say: “Responding to the Ambassador’s query about Lashkar-e-Taiba’s activities in the region and immediate threat to India, Gandhi said there was evidence of some support for the group among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community. However, Gandhi warned, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community.”

Till as late as August, senior Congress leader and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had cautioned state police forces, security and intelligence officials against the recently uncovered phenomenon of ‘saffron terrorism’.

  • Stink of treason from Osmania University
  • Read this article in Deccan Chronicle:

  • Mahishasura was king, not demon: Dalits
  • Mahishasura is usually seen as a cruel demon killed by Goddess Durga, but Dalit research scholars of Osmania University have strongly opposed this saying that he was actually a Dalit king killed by Aryans.
  • The scholars have urged the Dalit community not to celebrate Dasara since it lauds the killing of Mahishasura and portrays him as a demon.
  • In fact, activists of Dalit Shakti have decided to make Mahishasura their icon.
  • They put up a larger-than-life cutout of Mahishasura in the OU campus, garlanded him and also offered prayers.
  • Dalit Shakti has also decided to oppose Diwali celebrations in the present form and is getting ready to explain the “real” story behind it to the masses.
  • It seems Osmania University has become a den of anti-Hinduism organized by the church. Notice the connections. Rabid Hindu-hater Kanchan Illiah is employed by this university. Deccan Chronicle is owned by a Christian — and the story appears right on top on the front page of the paper.  The rantings of a few paid-for “Dalit researchers” becomes the voice of the “Dalits” in general, according to the story’s headline. Church is also angling for a separate Telangana state (which can be controlled by Maoists bankrolled by the church). And guess which is the hub of all protests in favour of Telangana? That’s right — it is the Osmania University. This means missionaries have infiltrated this university as part of their project of Christianising Andhra, and are bankrolling its professors to orchestrate the Telangana and Dalit campaigns. The lynchpin of this entire operation in the university seems to be Kanchan Illiah (an anti-Hindu Christian who operates under the false identity of a Dalit activist).
  • Here is more from the same paper — its Christian owner seems to be on a roll today, frothing at the mouth to hit the pagans.
  • Dasara has pro-Aryan bias: Scholars

    Hyderabad, Oct. 16: Dalit research scholars in OU are up in arms against portrayal of Dalit kings like ‘Mahishasura’ as evil characters in mythology with pro-Aryan bias and thereby justifying their killing as necessary.
  • “Not just Mahishasura but several other kings like Ravana, Narakasura, and Bali Chakravarthy were killed by invaders, who projected them as demons and began to celebrate their fall terming it a victory of good over evil,” said Mr Visharadan, president of Dalit Shakti.
  • “It was a mischief of Aryans,” he added. “They killed the local kings and painted them as demons. It’s like the case of Saddam Hussein of Iraq. We have appealed to all Dalits, STs and minorities not to celebrate Dasara as killing of Mahishasura.”
  • Mr Visharadan and other research scholars have also penned songs in praise of Mahishasura as a Dalit king who fought the Aryans and went down fighting.
  • “There are distortions in puranas,” he said. “Some of the local kings who lost battles became demons. History has been distorted by some to suit their needs.”
  • However, Mr Padmanabha Sharma, a Vedic Pandit, differed with the scholars, and pointed out that Dasara was celebrated as victory of good over evil and should not be seen from a narrow caste angle.
  • “There was no caste in that era,” he said. “Mahishasura was a king and kings may also be wrongdoers or cruel.”
  • According to one story in mythology, Mahishasura’s father Rambha was the king of the Asuras who fought battles with Devas. He fell in love with a water buffalo (Princess Shyamala, who became a buffalo because of a curse). Mahishasura was born out of this union.Because of this, he could change into human and buffalo form at will.
  • Mahishasura was great bhakta of Brahma who granted him a boon that he could not be defeated in battle by any man or god. So his nemesis had to appear in the form of Durga.
  • Was Gandhi a True Mahatama?
  • Recieved over email:
  • I invite you to read a series of essays on Gandhi that I have done.  In it, little-known beliefs of his are discussed, such as his idea that women who are being raped should not be defended with violent force.  The essays cover his long period of loyalty to Britain, his racism, the Christian foundation of his religious beliefs, his unusual relations with the women of his ashram, and his desire for the Hindus of partition to willingly let themselves be slaughtered by Muslims.  Also discussed are his belief in the equality of all religions, the true origin of the Indian revolutionary movement in 19th century Bengal, Gandhi’s inability to follow the kshatriya dharma, his ‘advice’ to soldiers, why India has always been one nation, and even a section describing how the Aryan Invasion Theory brought disaster to Europe.  Finally, I analyze the continued Gandhian influence on India’s current political class.  Free viewing and download is available at the link below. 
    Reject this anti-Hindu education and history
  • Reject this anti-Hindu education and history
    By J. G. Arora
  • Apart from de-Hinduising Hindus, Macaulayan education has distorted Hindu religion and history. As per this education, Hindus never resisted any foreign aggression, and they do not have any glorious  history. This education suppresses how Hindus valiantly fought invaders for several centuries, and defended their religion and  motherland.
  • Sanskrit which is the best, sweetest and divine language (bhashasu mukhya madhura divya geervaan bharati) has been driven out of Indian schools and colleges by Macaulay’s education. With the exception of  Tirukkural which is in Tamil, almost all ancient Hindu scriptures like Ved, Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharat are in Sanskrit.  The UPA has succeeded in persuading more state governments to accept  the NCERT texts. A report on Monday (January 5, 2009) said 12 more  state governments have accepted to teach NCERT texts in their  schools.
  • For the last four weeks the Organiser is carrying a series of articles on the NCERT textbooks prescribed for students at the  primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. We have found these  books written with a peculiar mindset, to denationalise and  deculturise the young Indian. These books fail to make the children aware of their true heritage. These books seem to distort even India’s freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi’s role and try to divide the society into different caste and class segments.  Their idea is to convince the children that India as a nation came to exist only after August 15, 1947.
  • Though as per classical Indian tradition, “Sa vidya ya vimuktaye”, (that which liberates us is education), modern Indian education binds one to Macaulay’s anti-Hindu world. Missionary-oriented colonial education (commonly known as Macaulay’s education) was introduced in India in 1835 by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859), a British national, who as a member of the Supreme Council of India was in India from 1834 to 1838.
  • Macaulay’s ‘Minute on Education’ approved by Governor General William Bentinck  on March 7, 1835 downgraded Indian languages including Sanskrit, and replaced them with English. Macaulayan education has no place for Hindu scriptures, Hindu heritage and Hindu history. It was introduced to de-Hinduise Hindus; and to make them respect British rule over India.
  • Though education should generate self-discovery, Macaulay’s education generates self-alienation among Hindus. How India’s cultural traditions were demolished by Macaulay is clear from Macaulay’s biographer GD Trevelyan’s observation, “A new India was born in 1835. The very foundations of her ancient civilisation began to rock and sway. Pillar after pillar in the edifice came crashing down.”
  • With the creation of Pakistan and Partition of India on religious lines in 1947, truncated Bharat was expected to re-assert its Hindu identity and liberate itself from Macaulay’s hold. But tragically in 1947, fake secularism (which in actual practice means anti-Hinduism) was foisted on Bharat because of which Macaulayan education is still de-shaping Bharat’s destiny long after the British left Indian shores.
  • Macaulay had contempt for India’s native Hindu culture. He wanted to de-Hinduise Hindus as is evident in his following letter dated October 12, 1836 to his evangelist father: “Our English schools are flourishing wonderfully; we find it difficult to provide instruction  to all. The effect of this education on Hindus is prodigious. No Hindu who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion. It is my firm belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respected classes 30 years hence. And this will be effected without our efforts to proselytise; I heartily rejoice in the prospect.”
  • And how he wanted to proceed is seen from the following excerpt from his 1835 ‘Minute on Education’:- “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect.”
  • Since Macaulayan education has no place either for Sanskrit or for Hindu scriptures like Ved, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Tirukkural etc., it has de-Hinduised most of the Hindus and transformed them into brown English clones ignorant of Hindu religion, Hindu heritage and Hindu history.
  • De-Hinduised by Macaulayan education, and brain washed by Macaulayan main stream media, most of Hindu intellectuals, bureaucrats, journalists, MBAs, business persons, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, engineers, teachers and the rest know nothing about Hindu religion; and do not know any Mantra of Ved or any Shloka of Ramayan, Mahabharat or Tirukkural. Accordingly, most of the Hindus are self-alienated and indifferent to attacks being made on Hinduism by anti-Hindu forces.
  • Apart from de-Hinduising Hindus, Macaulayan education has distorted Hindu religion and history. As per this education, Hindus never resisted any foreign aggression, and they do not have any glorious history. This education suppresses how Hindus valiantly fought invaders for several centuries, and defended their religion and motherland.
  • Hinduism is based on Ved which are all embracing and permit no caste system or birth-based caste system. But to divide Hindu society, missionaries proclaim that Hindus follow a discriminatory birth-based caste system. Macaulayan education and Marxist historians encourage such anti-Hindu misconceptions.
  • In 1986, some attempts were made to modify Macaulay-ism. And during 1999 to 2004, HRD Minister Dr Murli Manohar Joshi tried his best to dislodge Macaulay’s education. But after regaining power in 2004, Congress-led government has reinforced this education. Though the Supreme Court approved ‘National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2000′ was already in place, after regaining power in 2004, Congress-led government got NCF 2005 prepared. And though the National Policy on Education, 1986 emphasised spiritual development, value based education, Indology, Yoga and Sanskrit, NCF 2005 rejects all these sentiments.
  • Entire curriculum is guided by Karl Marx who had declared, “Indian society has no history at all, at least no known history”.
  • In his book The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage, Will Durant (1885-1981), the American historian, calls Muslim rule in India as the bloodiest story in history. As against this, history books issued by National Council of Educational Research and Training, and written by Marxists, glorify Muslim rule in Hindu Bharat; and downgrade Hindu heroes like Prithviraj Chauhan, Maharana Pratap and Chhatrapati Shivaji. These books falsify history and denigrate Hinduism. As per these books, Ramayan and Mahabharat are mere fictions; and Ram and Krishna did not exist.
  • Apart from acting as academic cheerleaders for terrorists, many leftist historians are deliberately distorting history to make it compatible with Marxism. They support the discredited Aryan Invasion Theory, and deny the existence of ancient river Saraswati. Marxists’ interpretation of Indian history is motivated, fictional, anti-Hindu, self-righteous and objectionable.
  • Inspired by their anti-Hindu agenda, these sham historians fabricate history to defend the actions of Muslim invaders and rulers like Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmud Ghazni, Mohammad Gouri, Feroz Tughlak, Allauddin Khilji, Taimur, Bahmanis, Babar, Aurangzeb, Nadir Shah, and Ahmadshah Abdali. They suppress the killings of millions of Hindus, and destruction of thousands of Hindu temples by Muslim invaders over the centuries.
  • They reject the existence of glorious Hindu past. They dub their detractors as communal, and downgrade genuine historians. And for presenting anti-Hindu fiction as history, these fake historians are rewarded with national and international awards, honours and acclamations.
  • Sanskrit which is the best, sweetest and divine language (bhashasu mukhya madhura divya geervaan bharati) has been driven out of Indian schools and colleges by Macaulay’s education. With the exception of Tirukkural which is in Tamil, almost all ancient Hindu scriptures like Ved, Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharat are in Sanskrit. After banishing Sanskrit from education, Macaulayists call Sanskrit ‘the dead language’. That shows their attitude towards Hinduism. Ignorance of Sanskrit has made Hindus ignorant of their Sanskriti (culture), their religion, their heritage and their identity.

    Ever since 1947, Macaulay’s legacy has strengthened fake secularism. And fake secularism has brought disaster for Hindus in the shape of genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir, Pak-Bangla combine’s terrorist and demographic invasion to plant more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil, and foreign-funded Christian missionary evangelisation by fraud and inducement. Moreover, Macaulayan curriculum has produced self-alienated Hindus who are indifferent to attacks on Hindus and Hinduism. Accordingly, Hindus have to be liberated from Macaulayan education and spurious secularism. And to achieve this goal, ‘secular India’ has to be transformed into ‘Hindu Bharat’.
  • Logically, in 1947, on India’s Partition on religious basis and creation of Pakistan as demanded by Muslims, Bharat should have been declared a Hindu nation. But the problem can be solved even now by declaring Bharat a Hindu country. No one can object to Bharat being declared a Hindu nation when all the 57 Muslim-majority countries are declared as Islamic countries. Hindu Bharat will have no place for anti-Hindu education as also for fake secularism.
  • Hindu Bharat will replace the current anti-Hindu education with a system that honours Hindu heritage, history and ethos. Besides, it will restore the dignity of Bharat’s native languages. And since survival of Sanskrit is a must for survival of Hinduism, Hindu Bharat will revive Sanskrit and make it a regular subject in schools and colleges. And Hindu Bharat will ensure that its heritage and civilization survive.
  • Hindu Bharat will give justice to all and appease none. In Hindu Bharat, there will be one law and one nation; no distinction of majority and minority; and no discrimination, whatsoever, against any community. Besides protecting Bharat’s Hindu identity, Hindu Bharat will crush Pak-Bangla terrorist and demographic invasion, as also foreign funded conversions.
  • Therefore, for the very survival of Hindus and Hinduism, all pro-Hindu individuals and organisations must work to transform India into a Hindu nation by all peaceful, constitutional and lawful means. This is the only way to undo the colossal damage done by Macaulay to Hindus and Bharat.
  • (The writer is former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.)
  • A Call To Muslims
  • A Call To Muslims of the WorldFromFaith Freedom International

    Dear brothers and sisters in humanity. Dear Muslims.
  • The tragic incident of September 11 has shocked the world. It is unthinkable how anyone could be so full of hate as to commit such heinous act and kill so many innocent people. We people of Muslim origin are as much shaken as the rest of the world and yet we find ourselves looked upon with suspicion and distrust by our neighbors and fellow citizens. We want to cry out and announce that we are not terrorists, that those who perpetrate such despicable act are murderers and are not part of us. But, in reality, because of our Muslim origin we just can not erase the  stigma of “Islamic Terrorists” from our identity!
  • Most Muslims believe: “Islam would never support killing innocent people. Allah of Holy Quran never advocated killings. This is all the work of a few misguided individuals. The real Islam is sanctified against violence. Islam means peace. Islam means tolerance.”
    But is it true? Does Islam really preach peace, tolerance and non-violence?  Those Muslims who perpetrate crimes in the name of Allah think differently. They believe that what they do is a Jihad (holy war). They say that killing the unbelievers is mandatory for every Muslim. They do not kill because they break the laws of Islam but because they think this is what a true Muslim should do. Those who blow up their own bodies to kill more innocent people do so because they think they will be rewarded in Paradise. They hope to be blessed by Allah, eat celestial food, drink pure wine and enjoy the company of divine consorts.
  • Are they completely misguided? Where did they get this distorted idea? How did they come to believe that killing innocent people pleases God? Or is it that we are misguided? Does Islam really preach violence? Does it call upon its believers to kill the “non-believers” ? We denounce those who commit acts of violence and call them extremists. But are they really extremists or do they actually do what the Holy book of Quran tells them to do? What does the Quran really teach? Have we read the Quran? Do we know what kind of teachings are there? Let us go through some of them and take a closer look at what Allah says.
  • What Qur’an Teaches:
  • Quran tells us to: “not to make friends with Jews and Christians”(5:51), fight them ”until they pay the Jizya (a penalty tax for the non-Muslims living under Islamic rules) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” ( 9:29).  ”kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123), ”fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem” ( 9:5). 
  • Quran says that all those who disbelieve in Islam go to hell (5:10), they are najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (9:28), and orders us to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left (2:193). It prohibits a Muslim to befriend a non-believer even if that non-believer is the father or the brother of that Muslim (9:23), (3:28). 
  • It says that the “non-believers will go to hell and will drink boiling water” (14:17). It asks the Muslims to “slay or crucify or cut the hands and feet of the unbelievers, that they be expelled from the land with disgrace and that they shall have great punishment in the world hereafter” (5:34). And tells us that “for them (the unbelievers) garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods”(22:19-22) and that they not only will have “disgrace in this life, on the Day of Judgment He shall make them taste the Penalty of  burning (Fire)” (22:9). 
  • Quran says that “those who invoke a god other than Allah not only should meet punishment in this world but the Penalty on the Day of Judgment will be doubled to them, and they will dwell therein in ignominy” (25:68). For those who ”believe not in Allah and His Messenger, He has prepared, for those who reject Allah, a Blazing Fire!” (48:13). 
  • As for him who does not believe in Islam the Prophet says that after he dies it will be announced with a ”stern command”: “Seize ye him, and bind ye him, And burn ye him in the Blazing Fire. Further, make him march in a chain, whereof the length is seventy cubits! This was he that would not believe in Allah Most High. And would not encourage the feeding of the indigent! So no friend hath he here this Day. Nor hath he any food except the corruption from the washing of wounds, Which none do eat but those in sin.” (69:30-37)
  • The holy Prophet prescribes fighting for us and tells us that ”it is good for us even if we dislike it” (2:216). Then he advises us to “strike off the heads of the disbelievers”; and after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” (47:4). Our God has promised to ”instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” and has ordered us to  “smite above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them” (8:12). and “to strike terror into (the hearts of the enemies” (8:60). 
  • He has made the Jihad  mandatory and warns us that “Unless we go forth, (for Jihad) He will punish us with a grievous penalty, and put others in our place” (9:39). Allah speaks to our Holy Prophet and says “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be stern against them.  Their abode is Hell,- an evil refuge indeed” (9:73). 
  • He promises us that in the fight for His cause whether we slay or are slain we return to the garden of Paradise (9:111). In Paradise he will “wed us with Houris (celestial virgins) pure beautiful ones” (56:54), and unite us with large-eyed beautiful ones while we recline on our thrones set in lines (56:20). There we are promised to eat and drink pleasantly for what we did (56:19). And have sex with ”boys like hidden pearls” (56:24) and ”youth never altering in age like scattered pearls” (76:19) 
  • As you see, Allah has promised all sorts of  rewards, gluttony and unlimited sex to Muslim men who kill the unbelievers in his name, not forgetting even those with pedophilic inclinations. We will be admitted to Paradise where we shall find “goodly things, beautiful ones, pure ones confined to the pavilions that man has not touched them before nor jinni” (56:67-71).
  • In the West we enjoy freedom of belief but we are not supposed to give such freedom to anyone else because it is written “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good) (3:85).
  • As for women, the book of Allah says that they are inferior to men and their husbands have the right to scourge them if they are found disobedient (4:34). It advises men to take a green branch and beat their wives, because a green branch is more flexible and hurts more. (38:44). It teaches that women will go to hell if they are disobedient to their husbands (66:10). It maintains that men have an advantage over the women (2:228). It not only denies the women’s equal rights, it decrees that their witness is not admissible in the courts of law (2:282). This means that a woman who is raped cannot accuse her rapist unless she can produce a male witness. Our Holy Prophet allows us to marry up to four wives and he licensed us to sleep with our slave maids and as many ‘captive’ women as we may have  (4:3)  even if those women are already married. He himself did just that. 
  • [A word of warning for those who may find their version of Quran is translated differently from those appearing in this article: Almost all the translators of Quran have deliberately tried to soften the harsh verses of Quran. Yusufali especially goes out of his way to twists the meaning of the words and hide the harshness of Quran.  For example he translates the verse (38:44) that says “take a green branch and beat your wife” as “take a little green grass and strike therewith”. Or when he translates the verse (4:34) that says “beat your wife” he cannot help it but to add the word (lightly) in parenthesis.]  
  • Dear fellow Muslim: Is this the Islam you believe in? Is this your Most Merciful, Most Compassionate  Allah whom you worship daily? Could God incite us to kill other peoples? Please understand that there is no terrorist gene but there could be a terrorist mindset. That mindset finds its most fertile ground in the tenets of Islam. Denying it and presenting Islam as a religion of peace similar to Buddhism to the lay public is suppression of truth. The history of Islam between 7th and 14th century is riddled with violence, fratricide and wars of aggression, starting right from the death of the Prophet and during the so-called ‘pure’ or orthodox caliphate. And Muhammad himself hoisted the standard of killing, looting, massacres and bloodshed. How can we deny the entire history? The behavior of our Holy Prophet as recorded in authentic Islamic sources is quite questionable from a modern viewpoint. The Prophet was a charismatic man but he had few virtues. Imitating him in all aspects of life (following Sunnah) is  firstly impossible and secondly dangerous in the  21st century. Why are we so helplessly in denial on this simple issue?
  • When the Prophet was in Mecca and he was still not powerful enough he called for tolerance. He said “To you be your religion, and to me my religion” (109:6). This famous quote is often misused to prove that the general principle of Quran is tolerance. He advised his follower to speak good to their enemies (2:83), exhorted them to be patient (Q. 20:103) and said that “there is no compulsion in religion” (2:256). But all that changed drastically when he came to power. Then killing and slaying the unbelievers was justified in innumerable verses with harshness and without mercy. The verses quoted to prove Islam’s tolerance ignore many other verses that bear no trace of tolerance or forgiveness. Is it normal that a book revealed by God should have so many serious contradictions?
  • The Prophet himself set the example of unleashing violence by invading the Jewish settlements  breaking the treaties he had signed with them and banished some of them after confiscating their belongings massacring others and taking their wives and children as slaves. He inspected the youngsters and massacred all those who had pubic hair along with the men and those who were younger he kept as slaves. He distributed the women captured in his raids among his soldiers keeping the prettiest for himself (33:50). He made sexual advances on Safiyah a Jewish girl in the same day he captured her town, Kheibar, and killed  her father, husband and many of her relatives. Reyhana was another Jewish girl of Bani Quraiza whom he used as sex slave after killing all her male relatives. In the last ten years of his life he accumulated a score of wives, concubines and sex slaves including the 9 year old Ayesha.
  • These are not stories but records from authentic Islamic history and the Hadiths. It can be argued that these behaviors were not unknown or unusual for the conquerors and leaders of the mediaeval world but these are not the activities befitting of a peaceful saint and certainly not of someone who claimed to be the Mercy of God for all the creation.
  • There were known assassinations of adversaries during the Prophet’s time, that took place at his behest. Among them there was a 120 year old man, Abu ‘Afak whose only crime was to compose a lyric satirical of the Prophet. (Kitab al Tabaqat al Kabir, Volume 2, by Bin Sa’d, page 32)  Then when a poetess, a mother of 5 small children, ‘Asma’ Bint Marwan, wrote a poetry cursing the Arabs for letting Muhammad assassinate an old man, our Holy Prophet ordered her to be assassinated too in the middle of the night, which was carried out while her youngest child was suckling from her breast. (Sirat Rasul Allah (A. Guilaume’s translation “The Life of Muhammad”) page 675, 676).
  • Dear conscientious Muslims: Question yourselves- isn’t this compulsive dogma of following a man who lived 1400 years ago, leading us to doom in this changing world?  Who are we deceiving? See how our Umma (people) have sunk into poverty and how we lag behind the rest of the world? Isn’t it because we are following a religion that is outdated and impractical?  In this crucial moment of history, when a great catastrophe has befallen us and a much bigger one is lying ahead, should not we wake up from our 1400 years of slumber and see where things have gone wrong?
  • The hatred has filled the air and the world is bracing itself for its doomsday. Should we not ask ourselves whether we have contributed, unwittingly, to this tragedy and whether we can stop the great disaster from happening?
  • Unfortunately the answer to the first question is yes. Yes, we have contributed to the rise of fundamentalism by merely claiming Islam is a religion of peace, by simply being a Muslim and by saying our shahada (testimony that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his messenger). By our shahada we have recognized Muhammad as a true messenger of God and his book as the words of God. But as you saw, those words are anything but from God. They call for killing, they are prescriptions for hate and they foment intolerance. And when the ignorant among us read those hate laden verses, they act on them and the result is the infamous September 11, the result is human bombs in Israel, massacres in East Timor and Bangladesh, kidnappings and killings in Philippines, slavery and genocide in Sudan, honor Killings in Pakistan and Jordan, torture in Iran, stoning and maiming in Afghanistan and Iran, violence in Algeria, terrorism in Palestine and misery and death in all Islamic countries. We are responsible because we endorsed Islam and hailed it as a religion of God. And we are as guilty as those who put into practice what Quran preaches and ironically we are the main victims too. 
  • If we are not terrorists, if we love peace, if we cried with the rest of the world for what happened in NYC, then why are we supporting Quran that preaches killing, that advocates holy war, that calls for murder of non-Muslims? It is not the extremists who have misunderstood Islam. They do literally what Quran ask them to do. It is we who misunderstand Islam. We are the ones who are confused. We are the ones who wrongly assume that Islam is the religion of peace. Islam is not a religion of peace. In its so-called pure form it can very well be interpreted as a doctrine of hate. Terrorists are simply doing that and we the intellectual apologists of Islam are justifying it. 
    We can stop this madness. Yes we can avert the disaster that is hovering over our heads. Yes we can denounce the doctrines that promote hate. Yes we can embrace the rest of humanity with love. Yes, we can become part of a united world, members of one human family, flowers of one garden. We can dump the claim of infallibility of our Book and the questionable legacy of our Prophet. 
  • Dear friends, there is no time to waste. Let us put an end to this lie. Let us not fool ourselves. Islam is not a religion of peace, of tolerance, of equality or of unity of humankind. Let us read the Quran. Let us face the truth even if it is painful. As long as we keep this lie alive, as long as we hide our head in the sands of Arabia we are feeding terrorism. As long as you and I keep calling Quran the unchangeable book of God, we cannot blame those who follow the teachings therein. As long as we pay our Khums and Zakat our money goes to promote Islamic expansionism and that means terrorism, Jihad and war. 
  • Islam divides the world in two parts: Darul Harb (land of war) and Darul Islam (land of Islam). Darul Harb is the land of the infidels, Muslims are required to infiltrate those lands, proselytize and procreate until their number increase and then start the war and fight and kill the people and impose the religion of Islam on them and convert that land into Darul Islam.
  • In all fairness we denounce this betrayal. This is an abuse of trust. How can we make war in the countries that have sheltered us? How can we kill those who have befriended us? Yet willingly or unwillingly we have become pawns in this Islamic Imperialism. If this sound to you abhorrent, we ask you how can you support a doctrine that is so deceiving, so cunning and so ruthless? Let us see what  great Islamic scholars have to say in this respect. 
  • Dr. M. Khan, the translator of Sahih Bukhari and the Quran into English wrote: “Allah revealed in Sura Bara’at (Repentance, IX) the order to discard (all) obligations (covenants, etc), and commanded the Muslims to fight against all the Pagans as well as against the people of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) if they do not embrace Islam, till they pay the Jizia (a tax levied on the Jews and Christians) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued (as it is revealed in (9:29). So the Muslims were not permitted to abandon “the fighting” against them (Pagans, Jews and Christians) and to reconcile with them and to suspend hostilities against them for an unlimited period while they are STRONG and have the ability to fight against them. So at first “the fighting” was forbidden, then it was permitted, and after that it was made obligatory  “[Introduction to English
translation of Sahih Bukhari, p.xxiv.]
  • Dr. Sobhy as-Saleh, a contemporary Islamic academician, quoted Imam Suyuti the author of Itqan Fi ‘Ulum al- Qur’an who wrote: ?The command to fight the infidels was DELAYED UNTIL THE MUSLIMS BECOME STRONG, but when they were weak they were commanded to endure and be patient. [ Sobhy as_Saleh, Mabaheth Fi ‘Ulum al- Qur’an, Dar al-‘Ilm Lel-Malayeen, Beirut, 1983, p.269.]
  • Dr. Sobhy, in a footnote, commends the opinion of a scholar named Zarkashi who said: “Allah the most high and wise revealed to Mohammad in his weak condition what suited the situation, because of his mercy to him and his followers. For if He gave them the command to fight while they were weak it would have been embarrassing and most difficult, but when the most high made Islam victorious He commanded him with what suited the situation, that is asking the people of the Book to become Muslims or to pay the levied tax, and the infidels to become Muslims or face death. These two options, to fight or to have peace return according to the strength or the weakness of the Muslims.”[ibid p. 270]
  • Other Islamic scholars (Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi,  Ga’far ar-Razi, Rabi’ Ibn ‘Ons, ‘Abil-’Aliyah, Abd ar-Rahman Ibn Zayd Ibn ‘Aslam, etc.)  agree that the verse “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them” (9:5) cancelled those few earlier verses that called for tolerance in Quran and were revealed when Islam was weak.
  • Can you still say that Islam is the religion of peace? 
  • Conclusion: 
We know too well that it is not easy to denounce our faith as it means denouncing a part of ourselves. We are a group of freethinkers and humanists with Islamic roots. Discovering the truth and leaving the religion of our fathers and forefathers was a painful experience. But after learning what Islam stands for, we had no choice but to leave it. After becoming familiar with the Quran, the choice became clear: it is either Islam or it is humanity. If Islam is to thrive, humanity has to die. We decided to side with humanity. We are still Muslims culturally but we no more believe in Islam as the true religion of God. We are humanists. We love humanity. We endeavor for the unity of humankind. We work for equality between men and women. We strive for secularization of Islamic countries, for democracy and freedom of thoughts, beliefs and expressions .
  • We have decided not to live anymore in self-deception but to embrace humanity, enter into the new millennium hand in hand with people or other cultures and beliefs in amity and in peace. We denounce the violence that is eulogized in Quran as holy war (Jihad). We condemn killing in the name of God. We believe in sacredness of human life, not in the inviolability of beliefs and religions. And we invite you to join us and the rest of the humanity and be part of the family of humankind with love, camaraderie and peace.

  • The story you won’t see in mainstream media
  • Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India — The Story You Won’t See In the Western Mainstream Media
    By Phyllis Chesler
  • It took a Western commentator to call spade a spade, while India’s so-called “liberals” carrying Hindu names remain as slippery, dishonest and anti-Hindu as ever.
  • How did such class of people arise from among Hindus? These kind of people never existed until 1857. What did the British do after our First War of Independence to create this class of anglicised anti-Hindus that is now ruling our media, academia and Congress party? Who propped up anti-Hindus like Gandhi and Nehru on the national stage to subvert Hindu nationalism? It seems a massive social-engineering fraud was played on the Hindu society.
  • Human-looking animals at their games again
  • Look at what Times of India has reported. Seems like Religion of Peace is at its peaceful games again.  But if push comes to shove, I am sure Sikh swords will be out in no time.
  • The reason why the Gurus gave swords to Sikhs was precisely this — to fend off Muslim thugs and defend dharma from human-looking animals. Sikhs are lying dormant now, but if dharma and “kaum” is threatened again, they will rise once more with the cry of Wahe Guru da Khalsa, Wahe Guru di fateh (“The Khalsa belongs to the Guru and so does victory”).
  • Muslims should not forget — they are dealing not with ordinary Hindus, but a militarized sect that is adept at quick mobilisation and which has a political vision of ruling the land. They should remember how the Sikhs purged all Muslims from Indian Punjab during partition — that is where most Muslim deaths occured. The Muslims are foolishly trying to rouse a sleeping lion.
  • Embrace Islam or leave Valley, Sikhs threatened
  • SRINAGAR: Sikhs in the Kashmir Valley have received anonymous letters from Islamic militants asking them to either embrace Islam and join the protests against civilian killings or pack up and leave the Valley. The 60,000-strong Sikh community is the single largest minority group in the Valley.
  • An organisation of Kashmiri Sikhs said that several community members have received these letters. “Community members have received unsigned letters at various places,” said All Party Sikh Coordination Committee (ASCC) coordinator Jagmohan Singh Raina. He said the community has decided to stay put and fight these “evil designs” at a meeting in Srinagar on Thursday.
  • Raina quoted a letter as saying: “When you are enjoying the joys here, why can’t you share the grief and sorrow of Kashmiris as well? We know you are afraid of bullets… Hold protests inside gurdwaras or leave Kashmir.” He added, “Some letters have asked Sikhs to embrace Islam.”
  • Raina urged both factions of the Hurriyat, JKLF and PoK-based United Jihad Council to take serious note of the threats to maintain amity and brotherhood in the Valley.
  • Hardline separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has reassured the Sikhs saying they shouldn’t feel threatened and should ignore the “fake letters”. He assured the community that nobody would force them to join the protests.
  • Earlier, Geelani has made an emotional appeal against forcing minorities to join the protests and said harming them would be like “inflicting a wound on his (Geelani’s) body”.
  • The state unit of Akali Dal (Badal) president Ajeet Singh Mastana described the threats as acts by anti-social elements. “The threats can’t break us and reduce our love for our motherland,” he said.
  • Seven blunders that will always haunt India
  • 7 blunders that will always haunt India
  • It is a tale of stupidity of politicians and bureaucrats who are mentally blind with a tendency to snatch defeat from jaws of victory. Strangely, the military is never consulted in taking strategic decisions. India is the only country in the world where this happens.
  • Historically, the biggest qualification needed for someone to become a king is an understanding of military matters. Nehru, IK Gujaral, Manmohan Singh, VP Singh, Morarji Desai … these clueless asses have done the most damage to India. These type of leaders become even more dangerous when pitted against military men of hostile nations such as Mao, who make mince-meat of them in battlefield and on negotiating table. No wonder, India keeps losing territory in war, and men in peacetime within its own borders.
  • Hindus of Afghanistan
  • For once, the leftist-liberal ‘Guardian’ has been kind to the Hindus and published a story about the Hindus of Afghanistan. What are the chances that such an article will ever be allowed by the champagne liberals and brown-sahib editors of Indian newspapers?
  • Afghanistan’s marginalised Hindus
  • Despite its long history in the country, Afghanistan’s Hindu minority has been pushed to the fringes of society
  • Can you believe that Afghanistan was once a Hindu majority country and the most famous ruling dynasty of Afghanistan is called the Hindushahi Dynasty? Here is a list of the famous Hindushahi kings who ruled Afghanistan:
  • Khingala of Kapisa (7th c.)
    Patoladeva alias Navasurendradiyta Nandin of Gilgit (6-7th c.)
    Srideva alias Surendra Vikrmadiyta Nandin of Gilgit (6-7th c.)
    Patoladeva alias Vajraditya Nandin of Gilgit (6-7th c.)
    Kallar alias Lalliya (c. 890-895) of Kabul
    Kamaluka (895-921)
    Bhima (921-964), son of Kamaluka
    Ishtthapala (?)
    Jayapala (964-1001)
    Anandapala (1001-c.1010), son of Jayapala
    Trilochanapala (ruled c.1010-1021-22; assassinated by mutinous troops)
    Bhímapála (died in 1022-1026)
  • How many Indians even know today about the Hindu rulers of Afghanistan? How many of them have read about how the Hindu kings fought the Muslim invaders tooth and nail to save Afghanistan? Their battles and conduct recieved high praises even from their Muslim adversaries. We Hindus of India owe a debt to them. The least we can do to repay this debt is to tell our children their story.
  • Here is a short story about defence of Kabul and Zabul by the Hindu kings, narrated by Sita Ram Goel:
  • The same story was repeated by the Hindu kingdoms of Kabul (Kapisa) and Zabul (Jabal) which lay to the north-west of Sindh, and which the Islamic armies had started attacking soon after they annexed Khorasan in AD 643. It was in AD 650 that the first Islamic army penetrated deep into Zabul by way of Seistan, which at that time was a part of India territorially as well as culturally. The struggle was grim and prolonged. The Islamic army suffered heavy losses. In the final round, the invader was defeated and driven out.
  • Another attack followed in AD 653. The Arab general, Abdul Rahman, was able to conquer Zabul and levy tribute from Kabul. The king of Kabul, however, proved desultory in paying regularly what the Arabs thought to be their due. Finally, another Arab general, Yazid ibn Ziyad who had been the governor of Seistan for some time, attempted retribution in AD 683. He was killed by the Hindus, and his army was put to flight with great slaughter. The Arabs lost Seistan also, and had to pay 5,00,000 dirhams to get one of their generals, Abu Ubaida, released.
  • But the Arabs, inspired as they were by an imperialist ideology, did not give up. They recovered Seistan some time before AD 692. Its new governor, Abdullah, invaded Kabul. The Hindus trapped the Arab army in the mountain passes after allowing it to advance unopposed for some distance. Abdullah agreed to cease hostilities, and the king of Kabul agreed to renew payment of an annual tribute. But the treaty was denounced by the Caliph who dismissed Abdullah. The war against Kabul was renewed in AD 695 when Hajjaj became the governor of Iraq. He sent an army under Ubaidullah, the new governor of Seistan. Ubaidullah was defeated and forced to retreat after leaving his three sons as hostages and promising that �he shall not fight as long as he was governor�.15 Once again, the treaty was denounced by the Caliph, and another general, Shuraih, tried to advance upon Kabul. He was killed by the Hindus, and his army suffered huge losses as it retreated through the desert of Bust. Poor Ubaidullah died of grief. That was the third round won by the Hindu kingdom of Kabul.
  • In the next round, Hajjaj commissioned Abdul Rahman once again. He made some conquests but could not consolidate his hold. Hajjaj threatened to supersede him. Abdul Rahman revolted and entered into a treaty with the Hindu king to �carry arms against his master�.16 The treaty did not work, and Abdul Rahman committed suicide. The Hindu king, however, continued the war. Masudi, the Arab historian, �makes mention of a prince in the valley of the Indus who after having subjugated Eastern Persia, advanced to the bank of the Tigris and Euphrates�.17 Hajjaj had to make peace according to which the Hindu king was entitled to keep his kingdom in exchange for an annual tribute. The Hindu king, however, stopped payment in the reign of Caliph Sulayman (AD 715-717). Some attempts to force him into submission were made in the reign of Caliph Al-Mansur (AD 745-775). But they met with only partial success, and we find the Hindus ruling over Kabul and Zabul in the year AD 867. The Arabs had failed once again to conquer finally another small Hindu principality, in spite of their being the mightiest power on earth. The struggle had lasted for more than two hundred years.
  • The kingdom of Kabul suffered a temporary eclipse in AD 870 but not on account of the Arabs, nor as a result of a clash of arms. The Turkish adventurer, Yaqub bin Layth, �who started his career as a robber in Seistan and later on founded the Saffarid dynasty of Persia�, sent a message to the king of Kabul that he wanted to come and pay his homage. The king was deceived into welcoming Yaqub and a band of the latter�s armed followers in the court at Kabul. Yaqub �bowed his head as if to do homage but he raised the lance and thrust it into the back of Rusal so that he died on the spot�. A Turkish army then invaded the Hindu kingdoms of both Kabul and Zabul. The king of Zabul was killed in the battle, and the population was converted to Islam by force. That was a permanent loss to India. But the succeeding Hindu king of Kabul who had meanwhile transferred his capital to Udbhandapur on the Indus, recovered Kabul after the Saffarid dynasty declined. Masudi who visited the Indus Valley in AD 915 �designates the prince who ruled at Kabul by the same title as he held when the Arabs penetrated for the first time into this region�.18
  • The Hindus lost Kabul for good only in the closing decade of the 10th century. In AD 963 Alaptigin, a Turkish slave of the succeeding Samanid dynasty, had been able to establish an independent Muslim principality in Kabul with his seat at Ghazni. It was his general and successor, Subuktigin, who conquered Kabul after a struggle spread over two decades. The Hindus under king Jayapala of Udbhandapur made a bold bid to recapture Kabul in AD 986-987. A confederate Hindu army to which the Rajas of Delhi, Ajmer, Kalinjar and Kanauj has contributed troops and money, advanced into the heartland of the Islamic kingdom of Ghazni. �According to Utbi, the battle lasted several days and the warriors of Subuktigin, including prince Mahmood, were �reduced to despair.� But a snow-storm and rains upset the plans of Jayapala who opened negotiations for peace. He sent the following message to Subuktigin: �You have heard and know the nobleness of Indians – they fear not death or destruction� In affairs of honour and renown we would place ourselves upon the fire like roast meat, and upon the dagger like the sunrays.��19 But the peace thus concluded proved temporary. The Muslims resumed the offensive and the Hindus were defeated and driven out of Kabul. Dr. Mishra concludes with the comment that Jayapala “was perhaps the last Indian ruler to show such spirit of aggression, so sadly lacking in later Rajput kings.”
  • The above excerpt is taken from Sita Ram Goel’s book called “Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders.” You can read it online. Go to this website and click on “books.”
  • Chickens of secularists coming home to roost
  • ‘Muslims voting along community lines worrying’
  • NEW DELHI: With Muslims polarizing in favour of religious outfits in Assam and Kerala elections, a key author of Sachar report has sounded the alarm that mainstream parties have to step in to check the “unfortunate” trend.
  • The community’s gravitation towards Badruddin Ajmal’s All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) in Assam and Muslim League in Kerala was so complete that the parties notched up their highest tallies, emerging key players in state assemblies. All India United Democratic Front is even eyeing the lead opposition’s slot.
  • Abusaleh Shariff, who was part of the Sachar panel which ranked Muslims at par with dalits in backwardness, called the electoral development “unfortunate”. He said the community veered towards religious parties owing to lack of representation in mainstream platforms. “This makes them vulnerable to religious rhetoric,” he said.
  • The Muslims-for-Muslim-parties trend raised eyebrows because it happened in states where demographics make religious politics a sustainable enterprise. Assam has 30% of the community while Kerala has around 25%. That they are concentrated in select districts makes them crucial to winnability and appealing to leaders who want to launch religious platforms.
  • Shariff said, “We want Muslims to go to normal schools and not madrassas, but now the same is happening in politics. They have to be part of mainstream parties and the latter too have to be more inclusive — give them tickets and pay attention to their welfare agenda to check the unfortunate drift.” He said there could not be room for religion in public place.
  • While the secular credentials of Congress and Left traditionally polled a chunk of community votes, the 2011 results surprised observers to ask if it was a trend.
  • West Bengal, however, bucked the wave with Trinamool Congress raking in the community’s backing. The West Bengal result is seen as welcome relief.
  • The political class, however, feels that too much focus on Kerala and Assam could be misleading because the potential is higher among mainstream parties to have broad-based support.
  • Bihar, too, has high Muslim population but Nitish Kumar’s success last year in singlehandedly weaning them away from Lalu Prasad is seen as evidence of this belief. “Mamata Banerjee follows the same strategy. It is healthy,” a leader said.
  • The community’s gravitation towards Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF in Assam and Muslim League in Kerala was so complete that the parties notched up their highest tallies, emerging key players in state assemblies.
  • Does the above come as a surprise to any Indian realist? It has long been said that Muslims are merely using “secularist” parties like Congress as useful idiots as long as they are in a minority. Once Muslims achieve a critical mass in any area, they will sweep them aside with contempt and rally behind purely Muslim fundamentalist parties. This has already begun to happen in Assam and Kerala.
  • Once in a majority, Muslims would have use neither for Hindu secularists nor for the constitution. Secularism-loving Muslims is a species that exists only in the fertile imagination of Hindu zombies who follow blindly the two idiots, Gandhi and Nehru. Congress jokers are going to be cured of their secularim fetish pretty soon.
  • Dr. B R Ambedkar in the section, the decline and fall of Buddhism (Writings and Speeches volume III, Government of Maharashtra 1987 pp 229-38) after explaining the events like Muslim invaders destroying the universities of Nalanda, Vikramasheela, Jagaddala, Odanthapura etc., brutal killings of the Buddhist monks, escape of Buddhist monks to Nepal, Tibet to save their lives says, “the roots of Buddhism were axed. Islam killed the Buddhism by killing priestly class of Buddhism. This is the worst catastrophe suffered by the Buddhism in India.” 
  • These Marxists who quote Dr. Ambedkar whenever it is convenient for them to denigrate Hinduism, ignore nicely these words ‘the decline of Buddhism in India is due to terrifying actions of Muslims’of Dr. Ambedkar, who fought against the caste system in Hinduism throughout his life and at the end embraced Buddhism; this may be it is one of the important philosophies of Indian Marxists.
  • (source: An Insider’s view on ‘Indian History’ -Exposing Communist Historians –
  • Dr B R Ambedkar addressed delegates of Young Men’s Buddhist Association in May 1950 at Colombo on ‘Rise & fall of Buddhism in India ’. He said:
  • “Buddhism in its material force had disappeared. But as a spiritual force it still exists’. As regards Hinduism he said it went through three phases, Vedic religion, Brahmanism and Hinduism. It was during the Brahmanism period that Buddhism was born. It was not true that after the days of Shankaracharya Buddhism was dead in India . It was going on for years together. In fact Shankaracharya and his teacher were both Buddhists he added. While he was digging material on the subject for the decline/vanish of Buddhism from India the reasons were – adoption of some rituals & practices from Buddhism by the Vaishnava & Shaiva cults, which were vociferous in their propaganda against Buddhism. During the invasion by Allauddin Khilji thousands of priests in Bihar were massacred and consequently some of them fled for their lives to Tibet , China & Nepal . In the meanwhile, the majority of Buddhists went over to Hinduism. The third cause was that Buddhism was difficult to practice while Hinduism was not. Reason four was that the political atmosphere in India had been unfavorable to the advancement of Buddhism he concluded.”
  • (source: Why did Buddhism vanish from India ? ).
  • ***

Muslims rule should never attract any criticism. Destruction of temples by Muslim rulers and invaders should not be mentioned.”?

(source: Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud – By Arun Shourie Harper Collins India ISBN 8172233558 p. 9). Refer to Ignore this genocide, we’re secular – By Rajeev Srinivasan – Refer to Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders (636 AD to 1206 AD) – By Sita Ram Goel. Voice of India, New Delhi.

Marxist history’s Pak perspective – By Sandhya Jain

Pakistani textbooks of the medieval era resonate with the heroic exploits of Islamic invaders such as Arabs, Central Asians, Turks, Persians and Afghans who mercilessly plundered Peshawar, Lahore, Multan and Sind for centuries. Both the Pakistani and old NCERT textbooks fail to mention that Arab forays into Gujarat and Rajasthan were successfully repelled for decades by martial groups like the Pratiharas. Indeed, the Arabs in Sind failed to make headway east of the Indus for hundreds of years.

The kid-glove treatment of Islam in old NCERT textbooks goes to absurd lengths. Arjun Dev’s Story of Civilisation discusses Prophet Muhammad and the first three Khalifas, but does not mention the Sunni-Shia schism and the violent death of the Prophet’s son-in-law. Yet while writing about the Bhakti movement, he emphasizes the so-called divisions in Hindu society.  

  • Both Satish Chandra (Medieval India for Class XI) and Arjun Dev glorify Islam as an egalitarian, scientific, beneficent civilization and carefully avoid mentioning jihad and the extremely violent nature of Arab expansion, which even Pakistani intellectuals call “Arab imperialism.” This conscious falsification of facts has naturally given rise to controversies over the old books.

    But in India, any depiction of Hindu bravery and success in thwarting the Islamic invaders is labelled communal; “secularism” demands showing Hindus as welcoming Muslim rule.

    Thus, regarding Mahmud of Ghazni’s forays into India, Satish Chandra states that Anandapala’s father was routed several times by the raider. Ignoring the heroism of native defenders, he praises Mahmud’s courage. Personally, I felt nauseated by Chandra’s sycophantic assertion: “Mahmud marched across Rajputana in order to raid the fabulously rich temple at Somnath without encountering any serious resistance on the way”.

    Actually, fifty thousand civilians died defending the city and Mahmud was so delighted after destroying the temple and its principal icon that he assumed the title “butshikan” (destroyer of images). Yet Chandra defends Mahmud in precisely the same way as the Pakistani textbooks and pompously declares: “It is not correct to dismiss Mahmud as just a raider and plunderer.” Actually, those of us who are fighting for a true history of India have no desire to “dismiss” Mahmud. Our struggle is to explicitly “admit” him at the Bar of History as raider, plunderer, iconoclast, et al.

    An old Arab once extolled the Hindu virtue of undying loyalty: “No moth burns itself on a flame that is dead, except in Hindustan.”

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Communal Violence Bill will divide country: Justice Patil

Mysore, April 23, 2012, DHNS:

Warning that the country would be divided into groups if the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill was enacted, retired Supreme Court judge Shivaraj V Patil said existing laws need to be strengthened instead of enacting new laws.

He was speaking at a national-level seminar on ‘Indian Constitution: Protecting the rights of minority and majority’ organised by JSS Law College and Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishat at JSS Women’s College here on Monday.

Observing that law-makers need to consider if the Bill was within the frame of principles of the Constitution, Justice Patil said, “Any law in conflict (with the Constitution), would be struck down.”

He said existing laws such as Indian Penal Code (IPC), Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), SC/ST Atrocity Act, Protection of Civil Rights Act may be strengthened instead of the proposed Bill. “We have many laws, but the problem is with exercising them,” he said.

The Bill, which proposes formation of a national authority comprising seven members, would run parallel to the state government and hence lead to conflict. “In terms of criminal jurisprudence it is inconsistent,” he added.

Stating that feelings of a part of the society would be hurt, he said, “The feeling that some are more equal than equals,” would divide the country.

He said the Bill would bear a negative impact on secularity, equality, unity and equality, which are enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution.

Citing the example of 17 Bills being passed within 12 minutes by the Parliament, Patil said elected representatives have to debate the issue before enacting laws.
Minister for parliamentary affairs S Suresh Kumar echoed the views of Justice Patil.

While the Centre is rooting for inclusive growth in the financial policy, the Bill is a case of ‘exclusive growth.’

Suttur mutt seer Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra, Jnanayogashrama seer Sri Siddeshwara, MLC Thontadarya and others were present.

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In my opinion,Mr. Man Mohan Singh has come out as the most corrupt Prime Minister of India. He has been dishonest not only in his deeds,permitting his colleagues to do their best,he had been extremely dishonest in his thoughts. I can never forget when he said that he could not sleep the whole night when Haneef was arrested in Australia(he was arrested mainly because he was the brother of Shafeel etc,responsible for efforts to blow off Glasgow Air port) and when he said that Muslims have the first right over the resources of India.This he said inspite of his knowing that Pakistan was created to give the first right and mind you he was a re****gee who had run away to safety of India. His boss is instrumental in making the ‘Prevention of Communal Violance Bill’ without consulting public of India(unlike Janlok Pal Bill in the forming of which the public took part)as per which if a minority member of a society commits a crime or incites communal violance he will not be punished under this draconian law,but if a member of majorty community does it he will be charged and punished.

Is Congress party of India going to mass murder Hindus By passing this Communal Violence Bill.

Communal Violence Bill will divide country: Justice Patil

Mysore, April 23, 2012, DHNS:

Warning that the country would be divided into groups if the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill was enacted, retired Supreme Court judge Shivaraj V Patil said existing laws need to be strengthened instead of enacting new laws.
Observing that law-makers need to consider if the Bill was within the frame of principles of the Constitution, Justice Patil said, “Any law in conflict (with the Constitution), would be struck down.”

The Bill, which proposes formation of a national authority comprising seven members, would run parallel to the state government and hence lead to conflict. “In terms of criminal jurisprudence it is inconsistent,” he added.
Stating that feelings of a part of the society would be hurt, he said, “The feeling that some are more equal than equals,” would divide the country.

He said the Bill would bear a negative impact on secularity, equality, unity and equality, which are enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution.

Citing the example of 17 Bills being passed within 12 minutes by the Parliament, Patil said elected representatives have to debate the issue before enacting laws.
Minister for parliamentary affairs S Suresh Kumar echoed the views of Justice Patil.

As the news of Congress was reveled which invited Suresh Kalmadi to join the parliament and when media disclosed the news, congress clarified it as a clerical mistake and media was silent why? And did not call for a debate why? Why did the media raise the issue of Raja Bhaiya which was a clerical mistake? why did it make a issue over the age( dint the media get the affidavit before election or was it waiting for a right time to highlight the News as per the direction of its bosses), is there any hidden interest or is it part of the Conspiracy which is happening in India which is funded by Foreign Countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia etc the object of this conspiracy is to destabilize India politically and to form a chaotic condition where in people are not able to elect a single party with majority, which will lead to policy making paralyses like the one which happened the day before yesterday UN resolution against Sri lanka Supported by India, which is not right strategically because in case of war India can expect an attack from south which was to be left with our neighbors’ to be taken care during war because it’s our ally, which has been mistake of the UPA Government by the so called impact of conspiracy of Pakistan, the following facts will reveal the conspiracy hatched and the manner it is controlling the UPA Government. For proof see times of India news paper dated Feb 01 2012 pg-11, TOI paper dated Nov 13, 2011, TOI paper Oct 25 2011 pg-03, TOI Paper Oct 18 2011, pg-11, TOI paper Dec 07 2011 pg-09 and Dec 08 2011 pg-1.

We have strong proof that the ISI is controlling Dawood Ibrahim and using him to run the Government of India in a manner,  Pakistan desires and makes policy that will benefit Pakistan during war, this is the reason Indian Government is entering into conflict with the General VK Singh, and Scientist denied government Job imagine what will happen if they leave this country that’s what ISI wants who is the black sheep in UPA doing this, and controversy with government of scientists etc is happening, and is that the reason law minister is going against election commission or in a sense acting as agent of Pakistan, and Chief Minister Omar Abdula making statement openly that AFSPA will revoked without consulting its ally congress. We are sure that the Intelligence bureau has the Information of it but unable to react because it cannot go against its Master congress and congress against its Underworld boss Dawood Ibrahim and Dawood to his Boss ISI Pakistan it is a chain.

We are sure that the ISI is controlling the media in fact using to as Soldiers against us in its secret war of intelligence where it tends to attack the party, which will not be its puppet when it comes to power and misleading the Indian Public and it doesn’t want the Indian public to unite and that is why it cracked down on team Anna, remarks against scientist, salman disobeying election commission, porn gate of BJP Karnataka, porn gate of Gujarat, Rape in Orica BJP MLA resigns Rape politics, West Bengal rape politics done and media raises the issue, rape in Delhi congress Government is not responsible and media silent why, Lawyer and Media Quarrel in Karnataka Anti ISI Party blamed, During attack on Mumbai  Media was advised by its boss ISI to show the Hotel so their real Soldiers can continue their war for long time, Fire in west Bengal,  Fire in Russell Market, The Gujar andolan of Rajasthan, recent News of Kudankulam PM himself stating it is funded by US NGO’s. And Russia also stating the same Proof see Times of India 08 Dec 2011, pg 01. Now our parties turn.

It is also filing false case against its non Secular party example CM yeaddiurappa Governor controlled by UPA gives permeation, Money given to media Rs 500, media raised the issue during Advani Rath Yathra  and the angry media retaliates, in fact lakhs already given to media by its bosses to put a drama in front of the Indian public. False case against Home minister of Karnataka, Fabricated evidence against Nithayananda swami, News of Mamatha Banarjys relative slapping comes up. Using Governors of state to control other Non Congress States, Using Courts to not Give Bail to Yeaduirappa during Diwali because Advani’s anti corruption rath yathr was on its way, which is now proved as false case,

Now media says courts are the final authority when it comes in its favor of nailing yeadduriappa and slamming Anna hazarae. But when Justice Katju makes a statement against media for its irresponsibility and media slams Katju’s bias against media. Proofs see TOI News Nov 10 2011 and pg 8, Sep 26 2011. Definatly the nuclear cash for votes scandal is Going to Benefit Pakisthan in a manner and its ally USA other ways the UPA Government would have never bribed the BJP MP’s  you know the cases of CBI being misused and courts also misused by UPA. IT is not time to discuss about UPA which is a puppet of Pakistan and US, Prime minister himself gave a statement regarding kudankulam nuclear project that the activist are funded by foreign NGO’s is the best example that everything is possible in India and for your confirmation you can call Amar singh and find out that who gave him the money that he had sent to BJP MP’s it’s a Question of Nation sir, we beg you to save our Country, you are the youth leader and have the power to control the nation, Which lies in your will to act. Do you know that the secret cancer and secreat treatment of Sonia Gandhi was in Swiss bank and the doctors were Swiss bank managers who did the operation. Now she is completely ok as the treatment is over and her fund has transferred to Italy account.

Please start a news channel that runs sting operation and exposes the money of ISI/Pakistan being given to media channel and how media is used as soldiers of Pakistan and awake the people of India.

Sonia Gandhi is Anti Hindu, as she has been the main person behind passing the Communal Violence Bill there was 17 Bills passed within 12 Minutes. when the opposition party members were not present in the parliament unlike Janlok Pal Bill in the forming of which the public took part which was not passed despite public out cry, according to this bill if a member of a minority community during riots murders a member of majority community he will not be punished under this draconian law. but where a member of the majority community does it under self-defence also he will be punished under draconian law.

The  Congress party of India is anti Hindus because it has passed Communal Violence Bill there were 17 Bills passed within 12 Minutes. when the opposition party members were not present in the parliament unlike Janlok Pal Bill in the forming of which the public took part which was not passed despite public out cry, according to this bill if a member of a minority community during riots murders a member of majority community he will not be punished under this draconian law. but where a member of the majority community does it under self-defence also he will be punished under draconian law. the most pity thing is the Hindu congress MP’s did not no what the Bill meant they were told it was for the uplift of Muslims and the MP’s were paid good cash for it, when asked to a congress Hindu MP about the Bill he was not aware of the Bill being passed and did not know its consequence. But he also voted for the bill which he is not aware of .

The congress party has taken control of only Hindu temples and in 2005 total 75 Crores of Rupees was collected it was given to Muslim Madras as which teaches anti Hindu teachings and prepares terrorists why has it targeted only Hindu temples and spared Masjids, Churchs and Gurudwaras.

It was proved that the hate terror was spread from foreign soil that is Pakistan then  why did Sonia Gandhi Ban Hindu Jagruthi org web site. does it not want Hindus to unit.

Or Is Congress party controlled by Under World as told by US News agency and Under world controlled by Pakistani ISI. As it is revealed that Indian Under world was created by Pakistan. And so Congress party is controlled by Pakistani ISI, And the Media in India is Controlled by Under world and that is why It always targets Hindu Religious leaders, and Hindu Supporting Parties.

And is it the reason that MLA’s of Hindu supporting party are caught by Media watching prone that to only MLA’s of Karnataka and Gujarat. and through Investigation has found them not guilty but before the Investigation was done and the result was announced the media declared them Guilty why and was Highlighted so Much and why did the Media did not apologise after the MLA’s were not found Guilty, was it bound under pressure from Under world or Congress. or did the media person make Good Money to do this.

Like Mamatha Banarji  had said that the courts are missuses and judges are bribed was the Judge of The High court of Karnataka Bribed to not let Yedurriappa of Hindu supporting party on Bail during Lalkrishana Advanis Rath yathra against corruption. to Defame Hindu Supporting Party. For which Yedduriappa is proved Innocent now.

Or How much Bribe did the Judge take to dismiss the petition filed by a lawyer saying that Yedurripa was innocent and it is a conspire against him the Judge suspended the petition saying the lawyer has wasted courts time and slapped a fine of Rs one Lakh. for the same case Yeddiruppa is proved innocent now . How did the judge pre jump decision was it bribe or pressure from congress.

Or is it on the wish of congress that the governor of Karnataka decides the CM of Karnataka a criminal and gives permission to file a case against Yedduriappa to defame the Hindu supporting party. or is the Governor Bribed now no one should argue that the Governor is Sathya Harischandra.

Poor Hindu supporting party It does not have enough money to be a good opposition. and blame the congress party for it is not experienced like congress to loot money and it self is blamed for the deeds which is created by Congress, like Fire in Russel Market in Bangalore, Lawyers and media person quarrel and police watches silently a Judge asks MR Chief Minister Is there any Government in State , this is Highlighted by Media, By the way what did the Judge mean must the MLA’s were uniform and take charge of the situation. Why is so much drama done to defame Hindu supporting party. who is behind this Pakistan, ISI ,Under World,Congress or the angry Indian Muslim if India because The Hindus broke Babri Masjid.

Or is it done by a Spy of Pakistan who entered India with the help of Foreign Agencies and is now holding top position in Indian Politics. Here is the details of the SPY who works according to Pakistani wish, and that is why money was Given to MP’s of Hindu supporting party as bribe to pass the Nuclear Bill  Which benefits Pakistan as we are liable to let civilian nuclear plants to Foreigners they can get access to nuclear weapon location which can benefit Pakistan during war, The main Highlight of this is that the persons who gave the Bribe that was routed through Under world Amar Sing is gone to Singapore for treatment, and has got Bail but the Hindu supporting party members who exposed that bribe was given were behind bars what a Justice. all this was done as per the Instruction of the Spy and now she is keen now to pass FDI,

Ms. Sonia Gandhi upon learning enough English became a waitress in Varsity Restaurant in Cambridge town. She first met Rajiv when he came to the restaurant in 1965. Rajiv was a student in the University, but could not cope with the academic rigor for long. So he had to depart in 1966 for London where he was briefly in Imperial College of Engineering as a student. Sonia too moved to London, and according my information, got a job with an outfit run by Salman Thassir, a debonair Pakistani based in Lahore, and who has an export-import company headquartered in Dubai but who spends most of his time in London. This fits the profile of an ISI functionary.

Obviously, Sonia made enough money in this job to loan Rajiv funds in London, who was obviously living beyond his allowances [Indira herself expressed anguish to me on this score in late 1965 when she invited me to a private tea at the Guest House in Brandeis University]. Rajiv’s letters to Sanjay, who was also in London then, clearly indicate that he was in financial debt to Sonia because he requested Sanjay who obviously had more access to money, to pay off the debt.

However, Rajiv was not the only friend Sonia was seeing those days. Madhavrao Scindia and a German by name Stiegler are worth mentioning as other good friends of Sonia. Madhavrao’s friendship continued even after Sonia’s marriage to Rajiv. Scindia in 1982 was involved in a traffic accident near IIT, Delhi main gate while driving a car at 2 AM. Sonia was the only other passenger. Both were badly injured. A student of IIT who was burning midnight oil was out for a cup of coffee. He picked them up from the car, hailed an auto rickshaw and sent an injured Sonia to Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s house since she insisted in not going to a hospital. Madhavrao had broken a leg and in too much pain to make any demand. He was taken to hospital by the Delhi Police who had arrived a little after Sonia had left the scene. In later years, Madhavrao had become privately critical of Sonia, and told some close friends about his apprehensions about Sonia. It is a pity that he died in mysterious circumstances in an air crash.

Sonia’s connection with India is always found with all wrong reasons.  A rational analysis of what India gained vs. what India lost reveals a shocking picture.

Foreign Agency initiated marriage to Rajiv

The circumstance under which Rajiv hastily married Sonia in a Church in Orbassano is controversial but that was his personal matter that has no public significance. But what is of public significance is that Indira Gandhi who was initially dead set against the marriage for reasons known to her, relented to hold a registry marriage with Hindu ceremonial trappings in New Delhi only after the pro-Soviet T.N. Kaul prevailed upon her to accept the marriage in “the larger interest of cementing Indo-Soviet Friendship”. Kaul would not have intervened unless the Soviet Union had asked him to.

Such has been the extensive patronage from the beginning extended to Sonia Gandhi from the Soviets. When a Prime Minister of India’s son dates a girl in London, the KGB which valued Indo-Soviet relations, obviously would investigate her and find out that she was the daughter of Stefano, their old reliable Italian contact. Thus, Sonia with Rajiv meant deeper access to the household of the Indian Prime Minister. Hence cementing the Rajiv-Sonia relations was in the Soviet national interest and they went to work on it. And they did through their then existing moles in the Indira Gandhi camp.

After her marriage to Rajiv, the Soviet connection with the Mainos was fortified and nurtured by generous financial help through commissions and kickbacks on every Indo, Soviet trade deal and defense purchases. According to the respected Swiss magazine, Schweitzer Illustrate [November 1991 issue], Rajiv Gandhi had about $ 2 billion in numbered Swiss bank accounts, which Sonia inherited upon his assassination. Dr. Yevgenia Albats, PhD [Harvard], is a noted Russian scholar and journalist, and was a member of the KGB Commission set up by President Yeltsin in August 1991. She was privy to the Soviet intelligence files that documented these deals and KGB facilitation of the same. In her book, The State within a State, The KGB in Soviet Union, she even gives the file numbers of such intelligence files, which can now be accessed by any Indian government through a formal request to the Kremlin.

The Russian Government in 1992 was confronted by the Albats’ disclosure; they confirmed it through their official spokesperson to the press [which was published in Hindu in 1992], defending such financial payments as necessary in “Soviet ideological interest”.

When the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, things changed for Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Her patrons evaporated. The rump that became Russia was in a financial mess and disorder. So Ms. Sonia Gandhi became a supporter of another communist country to the annoyance of the Russians.

The national security ramification of this ‘annoyance’ is now significant: The President of Russia today is Putin, a former dyed-in-the-wool KGB officer. Upon Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government taking office, Russia called back it’s career diplomat Ambassador in New Delhi and immediately posted as the new Ambassador a person who was the KGB station chief in New Delhi during the 1970s. In view of Dr. Albats confirmed revelation, it stands to reason that the new Ambassador would have known first hand about Sonia’s connections with the KGB. He may have in fact been her “controller”. The new Indian government which is defacto Sonia’s, cannot afford to annoy him or even disregard Russian demands coming from him? They will obviously placate him so as not to risk exposure. Is this not a major national security risk and a delicate matter for the nation?

Of course, all Indians would like good normal and healthy relations with Russia. Who can forget their assistance to us in times of need? Today’s Russia is the residual legatee of that Soviet Union which helped India. But just because of that, should we tolerate those in our government set up having clandestine links with a foreign spy agency? In the United States, the government did not tolerate an American spying for Israel even though the two countries are as close as any two countries can be. National security and friendship are as different as chalk and cheese.

Illegal registration as a voter

In January 1980, Indira Gandhi returned as Prime Minister. The first thing Sonia did was to enroll herself as a voter. This was a gross violation of the law, enough to cause cancellation of her visa [since she was admittedly an Italian citizen then]. There was some hullabaloo in the press about it, so the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer got her name deleted in 1982. But in January 1983, she again enrolled herself as a voter! Such is her revealed disdain for Indian laws and that is her mindset even today.

How and when she became an Indian citizen

She did not apply for Indian citizenship in 1968 when she married Rajiv and came to India, which is what good Indian wives would have done. She filled in an application in 1968 for permission to stay as a foreigner in India for five years. She said I am married, I am married into the family of the Indian Prime Minister but I would still like to remain a foreigner. So she was given a certificate in 1968 to reside in India as a foreigner for five years. Okay, this may have been due to some adjustment problems.

In 1973, after the first five year period expired, she again applied for the permit to stay on India for another five years as a foreigner and this is the person who is going to live and die for us. I will now come to what Cho, my friend told me, never believe what she says. There is not only complete divorce between what she says and what she does there is also a clue that she will do precisely the opposite of what she says. I will come to it later, there are instances and instances. So, she again applied for a foreigner’s permit. You know why? Between 1968 and 1973, the indications were all there of the imminent war with Pakistan over East Pakistan. And sure enough, there was the Bangladesh war. During the Bangladesh war, when all commercial pilots were asked to forego their leave and come into service, she asked Rajeev to go on a long leave and he was given special permission and they left India. And throughout the period of the war, they were in Rome. Why, because the American seventh fleet was moving towards India and Sonia Gandhi probably had serious doubts about India’s survival! So she ran away from the country with her husband; to that extent faithful. And she returned only after peace was restored, after India had won the war, when because of Indira Gandhi, that family acquired stature and became invincible.

So, we have to read between the lines, you have to look at the persons behind the skin. So, in 1973, she again applied for a permit to remain a foreigner in India. Now let us come to the period between 1973 and 1978. In the year 1977 when Mrs. Gandhi was defeated after she lifted the Emergency and called for elections, Sonia Gandhi learnt the mood of the nation and she went into the Italian embassy and refused to come out of it. She said she was going back to Italy. Sanjay Gandhi had to go and plead with her to return. This is the person who is going to live and die for India, please understand.To live in India is very different from living for India. And to live in India in such glory, with such protection, with such resources, is very different from dying for India. No one will die for something which one does not own up to. Owning up to India is different from thinking you own India.

Abandoning India at the time of crisis

The bottom line observed in Sonia’s mindset is that she can always run back to Italy if she becomes vulnerable at anytime. In Peru, President Fujimori who all along claimed to be “born Peruvian”, faced with a corruption charge fled to Japan with his loot and reclaimed his Japanese citizenship.

In 1977, when the Janata Party defeated the Congress at the polls, and formed the government, Sonia with her two children, abandoned Indira Gandhi and ran to the Italian Embassy in New Delhi and hid there. Rajiv Gandhi was a government servant then [as an Indian Airlines pilot], but he too tagged along and hid in that foreign embassy! Such was her baneful influence on him. Rajiv did snap out Sonia’s influence after 1989, but alas he was assassinated before he could rectify it. Those close to Rajiv knew that he was planning set things right about Sonia after the 1991 elections. She did too know of it because he had told her. Ever wonder why Sonia’s closest advisers are those whom Rajiv literally hated? Ambika Soni is one such name. Ever wonder why she asked the President of India to set aside, on a mercy petition, the Supreme Court judgment directing that Rajiv Gandhi’s LTTE killers be hanged to death, when she was not similarly moved for Satwant Singh who killed Indira Gandhi or recently for Dhanajoy Chattopadhyaya? The explanation for this special consideration for the LTTE lies in what Rajiv had told her in 1990.

Sonia’s greed for power: How did she become party president

Sonia said that she was not interested in politics, she would not enter politics. She said she would not become a Congress member. She will only help the party as a person belonging to the Congress family. She said I am just a four penny member; I will not occupy any position.

And then she goes and physically throws out poor Sitaram Kesari (then president of Congress party) from the office. Physically, poor fellow. He has gone to the toilet. His chair was empty, and you know what happened? These congress goons, they went and locked up the toilet and made Sonia occupy that place. And the elderly man cried. This is how she became the Congress President. In the same way as the western armies in the past, would invade other civilizations. Seize power, she seized power in a ‘coup d’toilet’.

Her secret cancer was revealed and the time of her secret  cancer also told a lot about that  Anna’s  Demand for Jan Lok Pal Bill, her cancer was not in her body it was in Swiss bank she had to transfer all the Money to her Italian Account where she is a citizen now also being the president of Congress. who fled India during 1971 War and was hoping of Pakistan to win. A RTI activist had filed a petition on where she had gone and The Government had no Answers, weather she Met her Pakistani bosses or was she at Swiss bank or was she in some Hospital, find it by filing a RTI application.

(Dr. Subramaniam Swamy)

After Sonia married Rajiv, she went about minting money with scant regard for Indian laws and treasures. Within a few years the Mainos went from utter poverty to billionaires. There was no area that was left out for the rip-off. On November 19, 1974, as fresh entrant to Parliament, I asked the then Prime Minister Ms. Indira Gandhi on the floor of the House if her daughter-in-law, Sonia Gandhi was acting as an insurance agent of a public sector insurance company [Oriental Fire & Insurance], giving the Prime Minister’s official residence as her business address, and using undue influence to insure all the officers of the PMO while remaining an Italian citizen [thus violating FERA]? There was uproar in Parliament, but Mrs. Indira Gandhi had no alternative but to cut her losses. She made a rare admission that it was so, and that it was by mistake, but that Sonia had resigned from her insurance agent status [after my question]. But Sonia was incorrigible. Her contempt for Indian law continued to manifest.

Re: Rahul gandhi Exposed by a IIT student…NITIN GUPTA…

WikiLeaks Cables: Rahul Gandhi & GirlFriend Veronique Questioned At Boston Airport

Rahul Gandhi & girlfriend Veronique questioned on Sep 21, 2001 at Boston Airport for carrying $200,000 cash


WikiLeaks Cables: Rahul Gandhi & GirlFriend Veronique Questioned At Boston Airport – Rahul Gandhi – Zimbio

Description Mr Rahul Gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested in America for possessing over 2 million $ of unaccounted money and spend a night in US jail. Mr Natwar Singh approached Mr Brajesh Mishra, then National Security Advisor to NDA for help. Mr Mishra contacted american authorities who sought a personal request from A.B.Vajpayee, the then PM. Mr Vajpaye

Rahul Gandhi was arrested by FBI at Boston airport. He was illegally carrying USD 2 million in cash. …? Description Mr Rahul Gandhi along with a lady friend was arrested in America for possessing over 2 million $ of unaccounted money and spend a ni

Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte on 11th Nov, 1991 revealed that Mr. Rahul was the “beneficiary of accounts worth $2 billion dollars controlled by his mother Sonia Gandhi”. Interestingly Yevgenia Albats, a scholar from Harvard cited KGB chief Viktor Chebrikov, sought in writing an “authorization to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi” from the CPSU(Communist Party of Soviet Union) in December 1985. This payment was recorded under CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20/12/1985; and endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20/12/1985. These payments have been audited “in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.”

In the year 1992, the media approached the Russian Government with the Albats disclosure but the Russian Government defended it on the grounds of “Soviet ideological interest.”

In 2005, some lawyers like Mr. Prem Chandra Sharma, approached the court of law and requested that information related to detainment of Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Veronique at Boston Airport on 21st September, 2001 where he was questioned by FBI for carrying $200,000 in cash (which he was unable to explain) should be made public.

Although all this is too old but it was a bit exciting for me , and I feel youth should know about the past of our (hopefully) upcoming leader .

rahul gandhi swiss bank account | Asli Indian


Proof that she has got money in Swiss bank is here

Will congress give Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru Barath rathan,

As it gave Moulana Abdul Kalam AZAD Barath Rathan so his heinous deeds will go un Questioned, And like pranab Nukerji Made President so his scams cannot be Questioned.

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